Tro-Val to present Disney's 'Mulan'

Disney's "Mulan" is Tro-Val Presents' production in the works for Nov. 3-6.
Not only are they doing this production in the fall instead of the spring, they are also busy creating characters, sets and costumes plus learning the songs and choreography for a spectacular show with a theme (Asian) they have not done before. The dinner theatre will be a delight with Chinese fare. The show closely follows the Disney movie with all the great songs with obvious differences as it is a stage production. Wait until you see how the avalanche is accomplished! As all the rehearsals are after school, the cast and crew are a dedicated group working around all their other activities.
In this show, the Fa Family Ancesters (Camille Cunningham, Madison Wohl, Amy Dancey, Courtney Morgan, Mackenzie Meding) take us back to Ancient China where Mulan's big day to meet the village Matchmaker (Morgan Helmer) has arrived. Dressmakers (Krista Jensen, Hailea Wesgate, Taylor Morgan, Shayla Guard), Hairdressers (Mikaela Lemay,  Delaney Campbell, Taylor McRae, Kirsten Schlaugh) and Groomers (Samantha Gordon, Samantha Christie, Jacquelyn Benedict) get Mulan ready. A nervous Mulan (Tori Adolf) wrecks her betrothal ceremony, dishonouring the family. (Mother, Fa Li - Cheyenne Meding, Grandmother Fa - Chelsea Miller, Father, Fa Zhou - Aaron Cunningham. An ailing Fa Zhou is unexpectedly called away to the army by Chi-Fu (Morgan Helmer), the Emporer's councillor. Xiao (Kevin Liang), Old Yi (Dustin Jackson), and Young Yi (Mackenzie Lacey) are villagers also called to the army. Mulan dresses as a boy and runs away to go in her father's place. The Ancestors have no choice but to send the misfit dragon Mushu (Deserae Gogel) to stop Mulan. As Shan-Yu (Kent Smyth) and the other bad Huns (Subar-Tu - Landon Kletke and Magyar - Evan Winther) prepare to attack China, Mushu helps Mulan act as a soldier like "The Guys' - Yao (Cole Adam), Ling (Dakota Wohl) and Qian-Po (Brandon Blatz) to endure Captain Shang's (Seth Tolman) gruelling training. Other soldiers (Braden Fenton, Jayden Kowalchuk, Cooper Cheshire, Bennett Kary) try to stop the Huns. As the Huns attack, Mulan triggers an avalanche covering the Huns and saving the soldiers. Shang honours Mulan only to discover she is a girl. He spares Mulan's life. At the Emperor's Palace, the Chinese celebrate the defeat of the Huns but Shan-Yu makes a surprise attack. Who will now save China and the Emperor (Jesse Lemay)? Will Mushu get his place back in the Temple?
Rush seating is available on all nights. For Dinner Theatre reservations, contact Trochu Valley School (403-442-3872).