Death by Chocolate a smashing success

During three warm mid-October evenings, some 150 people experienced a local night out on the town with engaging, hilarious community theatre, amazing desserts, and great service. As part of the Three Hills Arts Academy's fundraiser Death By Chocolate, over 20 local actors, stage crew and other volunteers crafted an excellent performance of Joseph Kesselring's comedy Arsenic and Old Lace.
Directed by Andi Miller, this tale of the maniacally quirky Brewster family served up a three-act meal of laughs as nephew Mortimer (Dave Richards) tries to come to terms with the knowledge that his two sweet, old aunts (Paula Spurr and Cindy Reddit) aren't quite what they seem with a penchant for helping lonely, old boarders to their "eternal rest". A "charity" they call it as policemen (Scott Johnston, John Patterson, Dylan Burden and Dan Buhler) come to call and a long lost, evil brother (Eric Forbes) visits with crazy, plastic surgeon Dr. Einstein (Ty Andres), Herman not Albert. Add to that a persistent fiancée (Jesse Richards), a brother who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt (Floyd Cotton), a superintendent of a mental institution (Grant Alford) and you have a recipe for on-stage hilarity that entertained all who came.
Over $6,000 in donations were raised and will go towards the Arts Academy's mission of educating in the arts and performance as an extension of that education.
A toast to good local talent and great community support, but whatever you do don't drink the elderberry wine!