'Hockey Dad' coming to Three Hills



Coming to Three Hills! Hockey Dad: A Play in 3 Periods: "Born the moment of Paul Henderson's goal--I was doomed..."
Burnt Thicket Theatre presents the story of one man's turbulent return to the game his father loved.  Bob skates before he could walk, daily drills on the backyard rink with dad--Todd Williams has hockey in his blood. But he craves a transfusion.
Now he's living his own worst nightmare: his daughter's hooked on the game and he's trapped in a rink-side dressing room with his childhood demons. A painfully funny journey exploring the potent bond between parents and their children, this interactive solo performance will delight audiences of all ages (7+). Created by James Popoff and Stephen Waldschmidt. Tickets available at IGA/Arts Academy/At the door. For directions visit www.thaas.ca.
Hockey Dad is in Three Hills Nov. 11, performed by James Popoff. There will be a 50/50 draw, Sidney-Crosby-puck-in-dryer shooting contest and a draw for a prize for those who wear their favorite hockey jersey. For all the details and ticket information, check out our classified display ad in this issue of The Capital.
"A touching, poignant script, filled with a great knowledge of the sport, humour and pathos. Popoff delivers an all-star performance. 4 and a half stars!" —Saskatoon Star Phoenix
"If you're called up to stage, go. Popoff's interaction with audience members is so natural it makes guest stars shine as well." —CBC Winnipeg
"Truly funny, heartfelt, exciting... generates belly-laughs... You don't have to be a hockey fan to enjoy the play." —Red Deer Advocate