Hockey Dad; What a Show

Hockey Dad: A Play in Three Periods: What a show was put on Thursday night as Burnt Thicket Theatre, in partnership with the Three Hills Arts Academy, rolled into town to do a one-night only, one-man show about a young dad who struggled to carry the weight of his dad's hockey hopes and dreams for him.
With a set that took you inside the local rink's dressing room and re-enactments of Paul Henderson's famed goal against the Soviets, this play truly reflected Canadiana. The story followed Todd Williams' recollections of drills in the backyard and practice after practice trying to play a game his father loved until he finally had enough and quit. Now his daughter wants to play and connects with her grandpa in a way Todd never did. Through a night of laughs and thoughtful moments he comes to grips with the fact he might be doing the same thing to his daughter with arts, living a dream that she doesn't want.
Since it was the last night of the show I feel like I can tell you that it ends with Todd's dad urging him not to make the same mistake he does. Complete with about 100 audience members singing "the good ol' hockey game", 50/50, Thrashers ticket give-aways, a puck shooting contest and even a certain movie rental store owner helping battle the hockey monster that "killed my childhood", it was a great meeting of sport and art with a good message.
Actor James Popoff said that it was one of the most lively audiences and expressed appreciation of Three Hills bringing in small Canadian acts as most communities try to go for the big names.
Burnt Thicket Theatre is a newly-formed theatre company in Calgary dedicated to enlivening audiences with original performance. Live drama has powerful ways of making you think about the world we take for granted. With this in mind check out for a look at the company's upcoming play She Has No Name by Andrew Kooman, dealing with human trafficking.