Kneehill Historical Society celebrates summer

Kneehill Museum 2017 Celebration

Forty volunteers, supporters and directors of the Kneehill Historical Society came together August 23rd for an evening, ‘Celebrating the Summer’, at the Museum. The supper, with program, gave Society members an opportunity to thank many people who had contributed to progress at the Museum this summer, and especially, to showcase the work and research projects of the 2017 summer season employees, Manager Catherine Loewen and her assistants, Jonathan Munan and Nicole Tainsh.

Following supper, the guests circulated among the displays: Catherine expanded the history of the exploration and development of coal mining in Kneehill County; Jonathan used newly acquired CPR artifacts to relate to the history of the CPR, Acme to Wimborne, and the spur along the Kneehill Creek to Nacmine. Nicole presented a display on the ‘movers and shakers’ of Kneehill County, in particular individuals who championed cooperative movements, the FWUA, the Status of Women and political movements. For the ‘techies’, Nicole adapted an iPad, with visuals and sound (including the voice of Mrs. Paulina Jasman as she delivered her message to the Bird Commission hearings in Edmonton, to improve women’s property rights.).

Invited guests included Reeve Bob Long; Deputy Mayor Terry Diack; and long-time supporter and friend, Ethel Jasman-Skokowski, as well as Project Manager Don Maxwell, Shestine and Kevin. Parents and Grandparents of the staff attended. Guests talked about current renovations of the Village School and noted the numerous ways that volunteers have contributed, overall, to the project. The evening finished with a regular meeting of the KHS Board of Directors, with a promise that next year’s program will be expanded to accommodate others who wanted to come.