Blue Christmas Memorial Service held

As we begin the New Year, let us continue to pray and care for others who are struggling with loneliness or disappointment. Some have lost a loved one or a job or their health or a dream.
Ed and Terry Stephan helped us do that just before Christmas. On Dec. 19, 2010, quite a few of us gathered in the "living room" of Kneehill Funeral Services. We were comforted by their welcoming smiles, the smell of Coffee and cider, the sound of Rhoda Murray playing favourite carols on the organ and lights twinkling on the Christmas Tree.
Ed opened our "Blue Christmas" Memorial Service with prayer and readings from Isaiah 40, Psalm 121 and the Gospel of Matthew and we sang together. While Terry lit special candles, Ed led us in a "Liturgy of Remembering" precious ones we had lost (both recently and in the past). The Liturgy encouraged us to gather up our pain and offer it to God in order to receive His peace. Ed read that Jesus is now preparing a place where there will be no more suffering. After reading a prayer together, we were invited to light a tiny memory candle. Many gave short tributes of the ones they were remembering as well as those who had helped them. The Stephans offered each of us an Olive Wood decoration from Bethlehem as a memento and invited us to spend time together with hot drinks and Terry's delicious refreshments.
We are very grateful to Ed, Terry and Rhoda for making that afternoon, just before Christmas, a comfort and blessing to us all. May our Lord continue to help us to comfort and bless those who grieve.