Prairie Christian Academy year in review

PCA Cheering

As summer break is almost here, it’s time to look back over the year at PCA and celebrate! We enjoy the diversity of students from Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Nigeria, mainland China and Aruba and are excited to have many more coming next year. The grade 8 and 9 classes went to work at Blue Bronna Camp, preparing it for the season. For the first time, we sent a team of grade 10 and 11 students to connect with kids in a First Nations community in the Yukon! For the eleventh year in a row, some of our grade 12 students went to Bogota, Colombia to teach English and serve in various kids programs.

Our Fine Arts program displayed the multiple talents of our students both at our annual Fine Arts Gala as well as at our Final Band Concert. In a few short years, Mr. Sommer has grown our band program from six students in High School to multiple bands that perform at festivals with increasing success. Our choir, musical theatre class and drama productions have continued to do an outstanding job. These opportunities build confidence and teamwork. Great job to you all!

Athletes from grades 7 – 12 enjoyed good seasons of volleyball, basketball, cross country, badminton, and track and field. We are thankful to staff, coaches and parents for continuously developing the skill and character of our students through our teams. This includes running our Jr. Sabres program, which teaches elementary students skills while having fun in the process. I specifically want to congratulate our Jr. High track team for claiming the 1J Zone Banner! We celebrate your discipline and success!

Join us in celebrating our staff, who give of their time and energy to train our students spiritually as well as academically. We especially want to highlight our long serving teachers who are retiring. Thank you Elda Bartsch, Don Richards and Will Andries for your faithful work and may God bless you as you embark on new adventures. Your impact will continue to ripple through students’ lives and families.

Thank you to the PCA Society Board for your faithful work in taking care of the unseen details. Thanks to the PCA Sabres Banquet Committee for facilitating an incredible night each fall, which brings in needed funds to subsidize our programs. You guys put the fun in fundraising! Thank you to all who regularly volunteer to make our school community function like family!

And above all, we want to thank our Lord Jesus for giving us life to the full! He is the One who holds all things together and gives purpose to all we do. We look back and celebrate, and we look forward expecting even greater things to come!