Big Country Primary Care Healthy Lifestyles Fair

Since the number one New Years resolution is to lose weight, people are trying to change their lifestyles in order to cinch their belts.
On February 2, at Three Hills Centennial Place, second floor, will be a Healthy Lifestyles Fair running all day, to help people get on track. The free conference will start at 9:30 with coffee and registration for those who wish to register that day.
Big Country Primary Care Network, and Alberta Health Services have collaborated to make the presentation possible.
The morning will start off at 10:00 am with a Healthy Eating Presentation. This will be a lecture from a registered dietician about making healthy choices when shopping, and preparing food.
From 11:00 - 12:00 pm is a break-out session, with two interactive sessions to choose from, with the expertise of a dietician on-hand. One, called Healthy Eating: "Better Bang For Your Buck" will be a lesson in decoding food labels, and shopping more cost effectively. The second, Food Choices - "You and Your Plate," is a hands-on look at portion control, and creating nutritious meals.
At noon, the Healthy Living Resource Fair begins. Participants have a chance to look at all different services for non-profit. Keeping with the health theme will be such representatives as: delegates from the mental health sector, eye care professionals, dental hygienists and physiotherapists.
Also starting at noon is a $5.00 lunch, catered by the students of Three Hills School Home Economics course. This being their last project in home-ec, the kids had to come up with their own healthy, cost effective lunch ideas. Three Hills IGA sponsored food costs, so all proceeds from the luncheon will go toward the Three Hills Home Economics.
After lunch, 1:00-2:00 pm, the break-out sessions Healthy Eating and Food Choices, will continue.
Starting at 2:15 until 3:00 pm will be the final event. Health from Head to Toe will be arranged like a Jeopardy trivia game to see what all was learned throughout the day.
Registration for this event is preferred by January 28. Everyone is welcome to come for one event, or the whole day, but the main concern is a head count for lunch numbers. Phone Alana Frere - Wellness Coordinator at 403-442-3814, or email her at to sign up.
Seniors Outreach has donated the use of their shuttle bus, so transportation will be available for those in need. Registration for transportation is also required.
This is the first of a two part series that the Primary Care Network is presenting. This program focuses on health care and nutrition. In the summer of 2011, another program will be introduced, centered around physical activity, and resources within the community to help keep active.