Summer Celebration at the Kneehill Museum

2018 08 22Summer CelebrationJL0001

The Kneehill Historical Museum hosted its annual summer celebration on Wednesday, Aug. 22, to present all of the projects that the summer staff have done this season.

The summer staff consists of the manager, Jenny Lyver, and the two assistants to the manager, Rachel McLeod and Mika Calverley.

Rosalie Lammle, the president of the Kneehill Historical Society opened up the night and introduced the staff.

Rachel McLeod, paid with the support of Young Canada Works, presented first on her project of the Post Office saga of Kneehill County. Her project included a map of the county and where every post office was created, a poster with history of different post office artifacts and a timeline, and artifacts from local post offices.

Mika Calverley, paid with the support of Canada Summer Jobs, presented second on her project of the Price family emigration through the eyes of the children. Her project consisted of a poster with writeups of two of the children who were on the journey from Wyoming to Kneehill County, images of paintings done by Clayton Price, and a map showing the journey.

Jenny Lyver presented last on her project of the harvesting history in Kneehill County. Her project consisted of a poster showing harvesting history from why the pioneers first came to the county to why the iconic elevators are no longer dotting the prairies.

Each project went into great detail and they are presented throughout the museum. The summer staff also mentioned everything they have done at work such as doing tours, visitor information, research, cataloguing artifacts and photos, and always improving their knowledge of Kneehill County.

There were 38 people in attendance, including museum volunteers and the summer staff family.

Come see the hard work the summer staff has done before the museum closes for the summer on Sept. 15.