"Night on Broadway" packs the house

2018 THAA Night on Broadway

The Three Hills Arts Academy consistently produces shows that seem always to close too soon. Sold out crowds and word of mouth rave reviews leave those who didn’t get in on it “this time” wishing there was just “one more” show that they could get to.

This could certainly be said of the short (3 night) run of this year’s “Night on Broadway”.

As a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Three Hills Arts Academy they really pulled out all the stops.

Unlike the usual handbill/programs that gives an outline of the production and the performers as they would appear on stage, this year’s “25 years of magic; 1993 to 2018” listed only the year and title of the “Spring Productions”. That meant they did not list several of the other non-musical productions or the other specials such as previous “Night on Broadway” and special concerts.

A very special introduction via video and narrator spoke of the history of the Arts Academy and some of the shows produced and these then led quite naturally into the next number that the performers delivered.

What an absolute treat to have the favourites reinterpreted, and with the song and dance and colour and drama, to have the memories of these come back in a fresh way. Some of us were there to see (or be) in the originals since that memorable “Oliver” in 1995.

Although I don’t remember hearing it being said, the formation of the Arts Academy and the production of “Oliver” and the many other productions which have followed, did a great deal in building “Community” in a way that nothing else did.

Take a look at the photo(s) of this year’s performers and you will recognize so many who over the years have given that “professional” quality to everything the Arts Academy has presented. Note too, some new faces that we might watch for in up-coming productions.

Every number could be termed ‘spectacular” and the energy was almost electrifying.

The range of mood and genre, was quite satisfying.

It was interesting to hear the conversations at intermission and after the show as individuals commented on what, for them, was a highlight. And here I must resist singling out my favourite (because I can never make that kind of decision) but the range was from solo, trio, ensemble and Jazz Band, and to the whole troop, and included drama and dance.

Commendations go to everyone, and for this year and this production of “Night on Broadway” we recognize Sheila Adkins as the Director, but she is the first to admit that the success lies in the time and effort everyone gives from back stage to on stage.

And the Success of the Arts Academy over 25 years has been due to the vision of Rhoda Murray and faithful board members, generous sponsors and donors and faithful patrons. Congratulations and thank you to all.