Woman’s Voices Championed from the Ruins of Troy in contemporary telling of an Ancient Myth

Rosebud Theatre

The Voiceless Project will be producing Prophecy by Jessy Ardern in Rosebud, Alberta November 24-25th. Prophecy follows Cassandra and the women of Troy as they experience the tragedy of the Trojan War. Past and future blend together in this contemporary take on the ancient myth through the eyes of those most affected.

Prophecy features four women from the city of Troy. Cassandra is cursed by Apollo to see the future, but never be believed. Andromache fights for the safety of her husband Hector and their son, Briseis learns to be small in the camp of the enemy, and Hecuba holds her head high as queen of the city. Actor Jeany Van Meltebeke said about the play, “So, why another Trojan Woman? Why do another tragedy? Because we’re not done listening. We’re still just learning how. Because the size of a woman’s soul cannot be measured in her hips, her waist, or her bust size… but in the questing of her hope in the face of despair. Because sometimes, encountering someone else’s rage helps me identify my own grief and allows me to move forward in a journey towards growth and understanding… and grace. Because these women need someone to hear them.”

The play brings to light the victims of the Trojan War, offering a new perspective on what it means to be a daughter, wife, and mother during wartime, and brings the story home to a modern audience. “The message that Prophecy offers is one that is never too old, never too much, and must always be spoken and listened to in every age. This message has been spoken in the past, it needs to be spoken again today, and unfortunately it may need to be spoken in the future. What is needed is of all of us to listen. So, my hope would be that people come who are interested in listening.” director Paul F. Muir said when asked why he agreed to the project.

Prophecy will feature fourth year Rosebud School of the Arts student Mikayla Whitehouse and Rosebud actor Jeany Van Meltebeke. It will be directed by Paul F. Muir with scenic and costume design by Glenda Warkentin and assistant designed by Katherina Stegerman. Lights will be designed by Brad G. Graham and sound by Shayleigh Sihlis with Julie Funk as choreographer and Frances MacDonald as Stage Manager.

Prophecy by Jessy Ardern will run November 24th and 25th in Rosebud in the Quonset across from the Hotel on Main Street. Performances will be at 5pm on the 24th and 2:30 and 8pm on the 25th. Tickets are $13 and can be booked by emailing The Voiceless Project at prophecy.bookings18@gmail.com. You can also contact producer Mikayla Whitehouse at (780) 996-6557 for further details.