Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus to take the stage

Yes Virginia Rehearsal

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus is being presented at the Three Hills Arts Academy November 29 through December 2.

It is a production of the Community Children’s Theatre under the direction of Tiffany Dietz.

There are 23 actors aged eight to 15 representing seven school communities with children coming from Acme, Linden, Trochu, Three Hills and surrounding areas.

There are some players that we have seen on stage before and some new ones making their debut.

There is a first time costume designer, Chelsea Pike, a student stage manager, Salem Stahl, and stage manager Jonquil Thiessen. The set design and painting were done by Chrissie Rector and Cherie Laplante.

Sight and sound managers hide up in the back of the auditorium keeping everything in order.

The Arts Academy has purchased curtains from monies raised through an earlier fundraising effort.

This allows some action to be played on the forestage and separated from the main scene area. In this production that will become the park, and the soup kitchen.

Of considerable help to this production is the loan of the furniture from Trader’s Furniture.

The story itself is built around the now classic letter printed in the New York Sun in September of 1897. ,The play takes some chronological liberties - all the action takes place only days before Christmas - but speaks directly to the issues raised about “the Spirit of Christmas”.

In a very practical application of this spirit the cast members have contributed an impressive stack of new toys that will find their way into this year’s Christmas Hamper.

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus runs just under one hour. One certainly does not have to have a child or grandchild in the play to encourage attendance. It is a delight to watch these young actors get into their roles and to convincingly play their characters whether that be the “adults” or the “youngsters”.

What I saw at rehearsal seemed quite ready for public performance but they were still 10 days before opening night.

Director Dietz says she loves working with these children and it is obvious they enjoy working (playing) under her guidance.

There are only five performances (two on Saturday) and the ticket prices are very affordable. Maybe inviting some young ones would be a great Christmas gift. Note that the ad offers the incentive of a cookie and hot chocolate to those bringing a non-perishable item to contribute to the Three Hills Area Food Bank.