North Pole’s Got Talent coming soon

North Pole Talent 1

The Three Hills Arts Academy is offering a double feature program November 28 through to December 1.

The first portion will be a presentation of Christmas numbers performed by the Three Hills Arts Academy Youth Choir under the direction of Tiffany Dietz and we have seen before what she can draw out of the young people under her encouragement.

Then there will be an intermission and an opportunity to get in on some hot cocoa and cookies for only $2.00 and also a chance to buy “candy-grams”.

The second part will be that which has been advertised as “North Pole’s Got Talent” and that is under the direction of Carinne Lamy. This is a short musical drama, or dramatic musical, and as the title suggests, will feature various “characters” at the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop “doing their thing” and having Santa, Mrs. Clause and one other “judge” deciding what scores each act should receive, and in the end who are the ‘winners’.

There are some “rapid delivery” lines and a whole lot of punning going on so come prepared for some fast listening. There is a cast of 22 actors ages eight to 16 coming from Three Hills and the surrounding area.

Some of the young people are involved in both the choir and the drama.

Come along and encourage these young ones who are showing such promise already as “naturals” on stage and before an audience.