Community Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service 2020

Individuals and families, local and wide spread, were able to get in on the annual Community Good Friday Service by tuning in to a Youtube link at from 8:00 am onwards.

Sponsored by the Three Hills Ministerial and involving several churches, the service was pre-recorded at Mount Olive Church.

Ministerial Chair, Murray Horton welcomed all viewers, acknowledged the role of Rev. James Enns in coordinating the service, and the technical input of Wayne Nelson and his crew and opened in prayer.

Rev. Enns introduced the theme that would be developed through the reading of Scripture and music.

A five person worship team was under the direction of Val Leuf.

Scripture readings were given by Dan Renton representing Manor Gospel Church; Mike Scott of the Prairie Tabernacle; Tom Peachey, Jr. of Bethel Evangelical Church; Gord Park of the United Church; and Blair Stromstadt of Bethel Alliance.

The Guest Speaker was Sherwyn Tryon from the Victory Church.

Rev. James Enns concluded the service with a Good Friday Blessing.

The total service was less than 51 minutes.

The Annual Good Friday Service draw 632 views. Whereas the gathering at the Three Hills School, may have had the faithful who would attend annually, this presentation and on-line link made the service available to people around the world who may have any connection to Three Hills or friends living in Three Hills, or sharing the coverage given in The Capital.