Fresh start for Kneehill 4-H Club

4H Leatherwork

Last year we had to finish our projects virtually which was a challenge because some projects were more complicated than others, but thanks to our amazing project leaders we made it through. To finish up last year, at the end of August we got to have our Achievement Day where we talked about what we did that year and our favorite project. We also gave out a leadership award which went to Garrett Bertamini. Sharla Berry’s sewing record book received 1st place at District’s and is being judged at the Regional level. Teaghan Bertamini’s record book placed 2nd at District’s. Over a virtual summer camp our archery members placed really well in the mailmatch; great job to Kirsten Eskesen for placing 2nd in 10m, Katie Leronowhich for placing 2nd in 15m, Jaxon Brown for placing 3rd in 15m, Brynnleigh Lohner for placing 1st in 18m and Eryn Lohner for placing 3rd in 18m. This year has started off really good, with 32 members and cleavers. Our first meeting was on October 13th at the Swalwell Hall. This meeting was the first meeting we have had in months because we had to shut everything down when covid hit so it was like a fresh start for the whole club, and we got a lot of new members this year. At this meeting we elected our Executive for the year as follows; President: Bella Witt, Vice-President: Katie Eddyvean, Secretary: Dawson Denby, Treasurer: Jay Price, Reporters: Teaghan Bertamini and Kate Rice, Social Media: Garrett Bertamini, District Reps: Brynnleigh and Eryn Lohner and Ty Price. We also set a goal of 175 hours of community service to meet by the end of this 4-H year. Last year our goal was 168 hours and we got 171.5 hours. The projects being offered this year by our club are; Venture Out which will be lead by Cathy Price, Crafts which will be lead by B.J Denby, Small Engines which will be lead by Larry and Veronica Eskesen, Archery which will be lead by Jody Wacowich, Sewing which will be lead by Sherri Rice and Kyle Metzger, Outdoor Education which will be lead by Scott Wood, Leatherwork which is lead by Le-Anne Moren and lastly we are offering the Cleaver program. All the projects have had at least one project meeting, and from all reports members are excited to learn new skills and be back at it. The Kneehill District was allowed to have their annual fun day of swimming at the Three Hills indoor pool, following all Covid regulations. It was great to see old & new faces from the other clubs. We are hoping to have some sort of communications workshop on November 22nd that will help all members with planning and understanding public speaking.