Kneehill County April 2, 2014

2% Liquid Strychnine Concentrate (LSC)
for Control of Richardson Ground Squirrels

All Sales by Appointment Only. 403-443-5541
• PMRA has granted use of 2% Liquid Strychnine until April 12, 2015.
• Those that purchase for use, MUST read the label and information bulletin for 2% LSC (PCP# 30433) and agree to all the terms and conditions stated in the registration and label prior to its use.
• Must be a bonafied farmer and ratepayer within Kneehill County
• Approved farmers MUST have an economically significant population defined as:
o 1 gopher hole every 4 meters of walking over 100 meters
o 20% crop damage in 100 meter strip
• Producers MUST wear all required personal protective equipment and clothing as directed on the label.
• 2% LSC is to be used only in accordance with the directions on the label. It is an offence under the Pest Control Products Act to use this product in a way that is inconsistent with the directions on the label. The user assumes the risk to persons or property that arises from any such use of this product.
• Price is $7.50 /bottle with a minimum purchase 6 bottles, or $180/case of 24
• Will be selling only while quantities last.
• There will be no more sales of 2% LSC after June 31, 2014
All Sales by Appointment Only. 403-443-5541

Announcing the Kneehill County
2014 Dust Control Program

Kneehill County is offering a rebate of $1.50 per lineal foot on dust control treatment in front of the ratepayer's residence at the ratepayer's choice of Calcium Chloride or Spec Crude. The rebate applies to applications of 400' of Calcium Chloride or 200' to 800' of Spec Crude. Dust Control Application Forms can be picked up at the County office or found on the website: For further information call Brandy Hay or Alexandra Smith at 403-443-5541.
Calcium Chloride: $3.00 per linear foot
Spec Crude/SB-90: $7.82 per linear foot
To be eligible for the rebate, your agreement for Dust Control must be received at the County office by 3:30 P.M., Local Time,Thursday, April 10, 2014. Kneehill County is unable to guarantee the eligibility for dust control, under the program, on any agreements received after the April 10, 2014 deadline.

A 90% road ban has been placed on Kneehill County's gravel road surfaces.
Please check our website or call the office for an update.
Office #: 403-443-5541 • Toll Free: 1-866-443-5541