6th Annual Rosebud Chamber Music Festival performs in Three Hills

The Three Hills Arts Academy hosted the 6th Annual Rosebud Chamber Music Festival on August 9.
Lewis Frere welcomed the attendees, and introduced Keith Hamm, the organizer of the event.
Each year Keith assembles a group of well-known musicians from across Canada.
This year’s lineup featured Sheila Jaffe’, violinist; Johanne Perron, cellist; Keith Hamm, violist; and Aaron Schwebe, violinist, who performed the “String Quartet in E major, Op. 54 No. 3 by Joseph Hayden.
Violinist Robe

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The Prairie Tabernacle’s annual ‘Kidztown’ opened in Anderson Park on Monday evening at 6:30 pm. Unlike other years, rather than being spread over a period of six weeks, this year the program will run from August 13-17.

It features great songs, puppets, drama and games, all emphasizing the theme “Be Incredible”.

Watching the enthusiastic youth taking the leadership roles and the eager participants, children and adults, was quite delightful.

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Annual Linden Fire & Rescue fundraising breakfast raises $8225

Linden Firemen held their annual fundraising breakfast on Saturday morning, July 14, feeding about 480 and raising $8225. There were six door prizes for children and five for adults, consisting of a fire bowl, first aid kits, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide alarms. After breakfast was over and door prize winners were announced, the firemen put on a demonstration showing how a vehicle can be ripped open almost as easy as a tin can, for safer extrication of patient (if necessary)

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Badlands Passion Play celebrates 25th season

The 25th season of the Passion Play is guaranteed to be like nothing you have seen before.

While that could have been said of every production from one year to the next for those who had never been to an earlier performance, this 2018 run is unique.

The story is the same and we know the glorious ending, but this year it is being offered as a musical complete with 24 original songs to carry the narrative and to give glimpses inside the characters to their innermost thoughts; their hopes, struggl

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