Capacity crowd attends Service

The students, staff, and representatives of several government bodies and local services presented a very solemn and inspiring Remembrance Day Assembly at the Three Hills School on November 10.
Led by Master of Ceremonies, Vice Principal Greg Lendvay, the program included his brief introduction as to the significance of such a day of Remembrance.
This was followed by the Parade of Flags, which set a special dignity as students representing each grade from Kindergarten to Senior High, led the proc

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Three Hills Library to host Community Read - Wind in the Willows

This year Three Hills Library is running its second annual Community Read with a goal to have as many people as possible in Three Hills and rural Kneehill County read The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. Last year’s Community Read of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was a great success. We are excited to see what this year’s read brings.

Seeing as the library’s Bucket List Book Club for 2016/17 has a Young at Heart theme, it seemed fitting to choose a book for the r

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Linden Fall Fair an incredible event

The Linden Fall Fair, on Saturday, Nov. 5, was an incredible event with 66 vendors and a great crowd.

To begin, there was an ice cream truck outside the facility, actually doing a fair business for the unseasonably warm day. That had to be a first in Linden Fall Fair history. Upon entering the venue, Ben Toews, of Country Cousins, was offering free samples of borscht soup as well as peanut butter pie. It was the very best way to be greeted when entering the building. He also had cinnamon buns,

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2015/16 Three Hills School Junior/Senior Awards presented

2015-2016 Three Hills School Junior/Senior Academic & Athletic Award Winners - October 28th, 2016.

Grade 7
Grade 7 Honour Roll Medals: Jeana Ackerman, Levi Kirk, Carter Boles, Brenna Lammle Bryce Fenton, Aleigha McLean, Marit Fobes, Simon Riep, Taylor Gustafson, Tiana Rigden, Angela Haller, Faith Stevens, Megan Hamm, Kendal Stockwood, Hailee Hope, Leah Tremblay, Wyatt Kinniburgh.
Grade 7 Subject Awards:
Language Arts - Brenna Lammle.
Mathematics - Simon Riep.
Science - Angela Haller.
Social Studi

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