Volunteer Forum held


Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services sponsored a Volunteer Forum and catered supper at Bethel Evangelical Church on November 7.

Invitations were issued to the numerous churches, businesses and organizations in the region who use volunteers in their outreach. Close to 50 attended.

The speaker for the evening was Brent Collingwood of “Brent Collingwood Consulting”. Under the theme of “Volunteers: The Renewable Energy Resource”, Mr. Collingwood eng

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Crowds all day long for Linden Fall Fair

The 42nd annual Linden Fall Fair was held on weather-friendly Saturday, Nov. 2 with a variety of 60 vendors spread out within the gymnasium and entrance halls of Dr. Elliott School, along with the Cultural Centre. Crowds are usually present more in the morning hours of the fair but this year parking was scarce throughout the entire day and people were everywhere, shopping, observing, learning and socializing.

A highlight from the bench show was a perfectly decorated ‘Minion” cake ma

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The weather was great for Halloween and the kids came out in droves for “Trick or Treat Street” in Three Hills. Participating businesses opened their doors to school aged children on Wednesday, October 31, from 3 pm to 5 pm. Businesses report that about 300 children participated.

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The Three Hills Arts Academy consistently produces shows that seem always to close too soon. Sold out crowds and word of mouth rave reviews leave those who didn’t get in on it “this time” wishing there was just “one more” show that they could get to.

This could certainly be said of the short (3 night) run of this year’s “Night on Broadway”.

As a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Three Hills Arts Academy they really pulled out all the stop

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