Cindy Amos visits Three Hills Town Council



Three Hills Town Council meeting began with a scheduled Public Hearing as advertised in previously published notices. No one appeared to contest the proposed amendment to bylaw 1345-12 which would add to the Residential Low Density Multiple Dwelling district, as a discretionary Use: "Secondary Suite associated within a Single Detached Dwelling Only." Council considered the proposal and before the regular meeting was concluded the bylaw had received its third and final reading.
An amendment to the Traffic Bylaw 1292-07 declaring that a heavy vehicle being parked on one's property must take the most direct route between that property and a designated Truck Route, also received third and final reading before the end of the regular Council meeting and came into effect as of June 25, 2012.
Early in the regular meeting, Cindy Amos of the Canadian Badlands Tourism Investment Foundation, (CBTIF), gave a power point presentation. The CBTIF differs from its sister company of the Canadian Badlands Ltd. chiefly in that the Foundation is NOT set up to "market" and advertise the "tourist attractions" per se within the Badlands Region but rather, as Cindy's handout stated: "to address tourism investment attraction and business development in the region on behalf of the 64 municipal shareholders." The vision is to "Create awareness and strategically stimulate regional development, procure business and investment, support job creation, and strengthen our rural local economy."
Her presentation covered a lot of material and included ideas of what may be done to attract entrepreneurs or support those presently in the community to develop tourism related businesses.
The Councillors, in giving their reports, touched on various activities, some of which amounted to mentioning meetings they had attended and the overall impressions as to the value of it. The Counillors told of what may have been learned by their presence, or how they contributed to the success by their being there and representing the Town of Three Hills.
Deputy Mayor Terry Lee had attended an International Trade Mission, and could tell would-be investors of opportunities in our community. He also reported on the opportunity to be involved in the Habitat for Humanity project.
Councillor Vernon Wiebe also mentioned the Habitat for Humanity project and the very positive results it is generating for the Town.
Councillor Al Campbell mentioned further developments at the Three Hills General Store. One major addition will be the installation of a Debit/Credit machine to facilitate sales to those who do not come prepared for cash purchases.
Mayor Tim Shearlaw reported that he had been involved in a Habitat for Humanity Annual General Meeting, then a Mayors' and Chief Administrative Officers' caucus, the weekly Habitat BBQ and then in serving an estimated 600 customers their breakfast at the Main Street Pancake Breakfast. And all that within the week of June 12 to 16.
Management reports brought council up to date regarding construction and maintenance and repairs of the streets in town,
Norm Campion was able to report that Anderson Park development is going forward with concrete footings having been poured as of June 25. The Department has also been the recipient of two donations.
As for the progress of the new soccer fields, there has been some delay due to wet weather.
Several items came up for discussion. Perhaps at the top of the list for general interest is news from CN. One of the tracks at the 3rd St. crossing will be removed in the next month and paved over.
The Hwy. 583 crossing is scheduled to undergo major changes including heavier track and a raised elevation, and this will involve changes to the highway approach as well.
As for the RR240 North crossing, the last assessment of traffic flow... and therefore justification for changes there, was done in 2004. It is suggested that those statistics and traffic flow situation be re-evaluated .
The fact that each crossing is under the jurisdiction of a different road authority complicates the procedure. The Third Street Crossing is "CN... and the Town of Three Hills"; Hwy. 583 is CN and Alberta Transportation; and RR240 is CN and Kneehill County Road authority.
A citizen appeared before Council with a report and a request signed by concerned parents, about the busy ... and hazardous... alley that extends southward from the soon to be completed 7th Ave. E. Various "solutions" or helps were considered. Short of actually putting up posts to stop through traffic, it was suggested that changing the alley to "One Way" traffic may limit access, and make it safer for the children who use as a "short cut" to Three Hills School.
A question raised by a citizen, stopping one of the Councillors along the way had to do from whom we as a town buy products or services. Greg Skotheim, explained that except when a large project is tendered to a specific contractor, then he spreads the work around. In other situations the service may be by "sub contract" and not a decision of the Town per se.
A few motions were approved to deal with the following:
For the purposes of grant applications and allotment of funds, the Town of Three Hills will use the MUNICIPAL census results of the April 2 count. This figure differs from the Stats Canada count. The figure that will be submitted to Municipal Affairs will be 3230.
There will be a temporary closure of the road in front of the library for September 6, for the Three Hills Library C.O.W. (Classroom on Wheels) bus visit and the Kneehill Adult Learning Society activities /picnic at the Memorial Park. The closure will be from 10:00 am. to 3:00 pm.
The Mayor and CAO are authorized to sign a water and waste water servicing agreement with Kneehill County for the proposed Crocus Coulee Country Residential Subdivision.
Mayor Shearlaw left the Council Chambers while Council dealt with the acceptance of the tender for Construction of the Anderson Park Amphitheatre roof and wood walls. The contract went to Cullum Construction.
Correspondence was received and filed for information.
Regular Council meeting ended at 7:55 and closed session to deal with 6 items opened.