Three Hills Town Council report

The regular meeting of the Three Hills Town Council was called to order by Mayor Tim Shearlaw at 5:35 pm on January 13, 2020.

To try to convey something of how a meeting unfolds, I will mention that the agenda as amended included these categories with the number of items indicated under each heading. I will also include (in parentheses) the number of pages supplied as background or supporting documents for the Councillors.

Thus by “reading between the lines” as it were, one may surm

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Trochu Lions President Ron Kletke presents a cheque to this years grand prize “Hawaii Draw” winner Rosemary Frere. The grand prize is a $3,000 travel voucher or $2,500 cash. The $500 prize winner was Lynn Williams, and Laura Christie won the $300 prize.

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Prairie Tabernacle Congregation celebrates official opening

The Prairie Tabernacle Congregation held their official opening ceremony on Sunday January 12th for their newly constructed church building, an event which had been postponed from the Fall due to lagging occupancy permits.

Associate Pastor Glenn Flewelling MC’d the event, long-time charter member Jean Boswell provided musical accompaniment, architect Rod Crocker was in attendance to see the project to completion, Pastor Emeritus Dr. Ted Rendall sent his remarks, Battle River-Crowfoot Memb

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