Acme Council to hold Town Hall Meeting, July 14

At their June 14 regular meeting, Acme Council decided to hold the citizen requested town meeting on Wednesday, July 14. It will be held at the Acme Hall with a two hour time limit from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Questions for Council should be handed into the office by July 5. There will be no open mic. The request came about because a group of citizens have questions for all of Council. Council asked Administration to locate somebody neutral, to act as mediator.
Bert Jackson, on behalf of the cemetery committee, asked Council's support and consideration for putting in cement 'curbs' for easy identification of plots. The cemetery has had some issues with headstones falling over, missing markers, and confusion of plot lay-outs. Council seemed very receptive to the idea and requested that Mr. Jackson bring 'a game plan' to the next council meeting, explaining that Council has a concrete company already doing some other work for the village and it would likely be monetarily advantageous to combine the jobs for a better quote. Council would need to know width and length, and felt that doing two rows at least, would be a good start.
Administration was asked to prioritize the completion of Council minutes. Administration explained that in the business day immediately following a meeting, there were usually follow-up requests directly resulting from the meeting which sometimes had to take precedence and caused a delay in the preparation of minutes. The Mayor directed the CAO to complete the minutes, if possible, by the next morning.
Shelley Jackson gave her report on FCSS for the year of 2009. A provincial increase to FCSS in April of 2009 translated to an increase in budget of $4611 for the Kneehill area. FCSS would see no such increases for 2010 but there were no decreases from the province either. Ms. Jackson did note that she was seeing some cutbacks from other funding agencies. The biggest change she is experiencing is in how programs are being chosen for funding. "It was very normal to always receive approval of funding as long as the program met the criteria, but now the funding choice is based on which program meets the criteria and also has the biggest impact. It seems lately to be a choice of necessary versus discretionary." The promotion of volunteerism is a big part of the mandate. She noted there were some uncertainties, such as whether the School Divisions would pull its support and with others cutting back, there would be challenges ahead.
Information was received regarding a (horse) Ride for Cancer and a challenge for the pinkest town in Alberta. The participants for the cause ride 30km a day with planned stops at communities in Alberta. The group asks for lodging for themselves and horses, a meal or two, and entertainment to help promote their cause and collect donations. Council would hand over the information to the local Agricultural Society.