Kneehill County Council Report

A public hearing regarding the ex-hamlet strategy and designation - By-law 1612, was held at the County office during Council's October 26 meetting. It was well attended with ratepayers asking for further confirmation on details and the affect this by-law will have on property they own in the designated area and sometimes, adjacent to it. Council explained that at present, without this ex-hamlet designation, a residence could burn down and due to land-use restrictions, not qualify to re-build. Re-designating these areas as ex-hamlets would more effectively protect the rights of any present residence. "Potentially the land within this boundary could be parceled out and with a minimum of five, you could apply for a re-designation to Country Residential." "It's about having choices and protecting the rights of people living in these areas. It cleans up situations from the past to allow owners leeway and protection, and under 'discretionary use' clause, Council also has some control."
A public hearing concerning 'Crocus Coulee' Estates Area Structure Plan had no one in attendance, including the applicants. It was the consensus of Council to recess the hearing to a future date rather than close it, to give the applicant a second chance to pursue this matter and time to obtain the required data, as well as a chance for neighbors to become more informed of the plan.
Updates from the Operations report indicate that two run-of-the-mill style pumps have missed yet another scheduled arrival date (Oct. 22) for the reservoir at the Kirkpatrick Water Service Area and is holding up the entire process of those rate payers hooked up to water. On the flip side, the pumps are in place for the reservoir at the Selkirk WSA, which is ready for water and flushing is set to begin for two lines of the leg. Drilling on the lines was 87% complete on Oct. 22, service connections 19% complete and valves 30%. An Open House for Phase 4, Sunnyslope WSA is scheduled for Monday evening (7 pm), Nov. 29 at the Sunnyslope Community Hall. With harvest finished, Lowell Wattie would be meeting with more landowners in this WSA. The Allingham Road is now open with a posted speed of 50 km and paving to begin early November. "Torrington is prepped and ready for pavement as well." Preventative maintenance was completed on two bridge files: one at Allingham and one west of Linden. Gravel crushing is set to begin at the Torrington pit and a motion was made and approved by Council to alter their policy and allow for a trial crush of 7/8". Their normal policy is for 3/4" crush but there was a recommendation to try some at 7/8" and see if this larger gravel will hang around longer on roads. Operations will have 2 piles at the pit, starting first with the 7/8" to enable the County to begin its trial usage yet this year. A road inspection for the roads being used by the wind farm will confirm whether they are up to County standards before freeze up.
Council moved to adjust the Sunnyslope WSA boundary, for future consideration, to potentially include a few more properties that fell between gaps in this boundary line and the Mt. Vernon and Equity water service systems. Since this area lay outside the WSA boundary, the property owners had not been taxed and Operations was not even sure yet if there was a qualified need for water. "This will be a potentially massive project to engineer for future hook up requirements if engineering is not dealt with now." Council is moving forward with the Sunnyslope WSA in 2011 and it was while developing the routing that these gaps were observed. A letter of intent will go out to land owners within the expanded Sunnyslope WSA notifying them that it is Council's intent to include them and that, as in other WS Areas, the landowner will be getting a riser and at that time there will be a charge of $6000 to allow for water hook-ups, whether it is the near future or at some later date. "This $6000 applies to EXISTING residences only." Those who are planning on a residence in the immediate future can sign up while routing is still being engineered but there could be an intermittent flushing fee charged for a waiting 'stagnant' line. There is another policy that allows for dwellings after construction, but then that landowner would have to apply for water modeling (there is a cost) and if approved, the $6000 fee would apply at that time. There is an open house scheduled for November 29, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the Sunnyslope Hall to show the mapping, the routes, explain policies, benefits and consequences.