Three Hills School hosts Annual Junior and Senior Award Ceremony



Three Hills School was proud to host yet another successful annual junior and senior award ceremony October 7. Many proud parents and students turned out for the evening, which included both athletic and academic awards.
The night began with a quick speech from principle Lloyd Boody, then students began to receive their awards. The Grade 7s received their awards first with the honour roll medals given out first followed by the subject awards. The Grade 8-12 also received there awards in a similar fashion, a total of 74 honour medals were awarded. The next series of academic honours awarded were the subject awards given out by the teachers that taught it.
Next the athletic achievements were awarded, the criteria that the medals were based on was as follows: Most improved player, most valuable player, and the sportsmanship award. These medals were awarded for both basketball and volleyball and for junior and senior high boys and girls. More awards were given out for badminton, golf, track and field, overall sportsmanship and last but certainty not least athlete of the year.
Next, Three Hills School awarded citizenship awards to students who went that extra distance to help their community. Finally the top decorations were awarded, with the Merit Contractors Assn. Going to James Keenan, the Ann Tullikopf award went to Alyssa Wildeman, the Lynette Main Memorial award was given to Carrlie Bell and the Premier's Citizenship award was proudly accepted by Tim Paget. The Rutherford Scholarships were awarded to the following students: Kevin Adams, Carley Adolf, Daniel Anhorn, Bennett Bayes, Stephanie Boles, Holly Borwick, Hannah Cunningham, Morgan Denis, Robyn Fortier, Chelsey Fyten, Becky Malaka, Lisa McNeely, Tim Paget, Michael Penner, Greg Quigley and Dylan Stankievech and lastly, the Governor Generals Medal was awarded to Daniel Anhorn.
This would mark another excellent award ceremony for Three Hills School, congratulations to all recipients of athletic and academic honours.