Trochu Town Council Report

Clr. Warnock introduced Trochu Council at its Nov. 1 meeting, to a six minute promotional video that was initially done by the ACE (Active, Creative, Engaged) Committee as part of an expectation for the ACE Communities annual conference. The video had been very well received at the event, and it was recommended that Administration might be able to include it on the Town's website.
Clr. Cunningham advised that the Museum's Centennial Calendar was now available for sale. He also advised that there had been some interest in making cemetery records more available online - like Genealogy sites. He wondered if Administration could clarify some of the FOIP (freedom of information) legal issues this would involve. Administration advised that sometimes there can be attempts at identity theft but she would look into it for a future meeting. Mr. Cunningham also advised that a video conferencing link with a Remembrance Day theme was scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 2 pm and citizens should be made aware of this. He reported on a Boomtown Trail meeting where a guest spoke on the importance of assessment of Heritage Resources, what he found those resources to be. "He gave some constructive criticism, advising us that we could do more to promote them."
Mayor Kletke gave some highlights from a Synergy Alberta conference he attended. Highlights include how the provincial government needed to really make happen that high speed rail system or they would be letting the province down, as the benefits could be enormous. Another item was that nano technology was going to need an investment of $2 billion. Canada was way ahead of the USA in terms of protecting its environment and water table when it came to shale gas retrieval. Energy, in terms of human consumption, is likened to an addiction and it is fortunate that Canada/Alberta is geology endowed with 15 trillion dollars in the oil sands alone. In the near future it will be necessary to have a carbon tax for replenishing. At the moment there is 600 megawatts of energy being produced with wind power in Alberta, and another 2700 on the books and more being built all the time. Alberta could become a prominent player and Canada could become a world leader in green energy production.
Administration advised that it had received some interest in a company wanting to purchase the arena's old condenser. There was brief discussion on the likelihood of ever needing it again for the curling rink, as all reports coming in show that it would not be viable for Trochu to resurrect its curling club, especially as most other small neighboring communities are reporting difficulties making a go of it. Administration was advised to have the interested party make an offer.
It was noted that Operations is investigating funding for a green project that would involve taking the warm brine (after cooling the ice arena surface) and use it to heat the old curling rink side. Another project underway is grant funding that minor hockey received for the arena kitchen. This project is scheduled to start during Christmas holidays. Operations is also looking to see if a local group would sponsor new boards and a clock for the arena.
A councillor, when asking for verification on who in the town has a credit card for doing town business, was told there were four. Those responsible for a card are the Administrator, the Mayor, Director of Operations and the Fire Department.
Committees were discussed, with everyone receiving a list of which Councilor has the responsibility of sitting on which committee. Advice was shared specific to some committees. When it comes to the Business Attraction Committee, Clr. Lumley was advised that when it came to the town's mill-rate "perception is the reality". "We did discuss ways to attract business, including tax breaks, but it was a hard sell. Perhaps, for awhile, it would be more beneficial to expend energy doing a better job of retaining versus attracting new business." There was some discussion on whether it would be of interest to share an 'Economic Development Officer' with surrounding communities and whether 'impartiality' would be a factor. The Mayor expressed a concern on whether the Town of Trochu is seeing their fair share of results from paying 50% of the wage for the grant writer versus surrounding communities (of summit members), who collectively pay the other 50%.