Kneehill County Council report

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The regular meeting of Kneehill County Council for May, 9, was called to order by Reeve Bob Long at 8:30 am. While there were over 44 items on the agenda including almost an hour “in camera”, the adjournment came at 11:18 am.

The items dealt with, for the most part, came under the heading of “Municipal Services” and then under the following sub headings:

Transportation, Water/Wastewater/Environment, Planning, Agricultural Service Board and Parks, and Protective Services.

Kneehill County provides online packages of the proposed agenda, and “fact sheets” for all the items that have been put on the agenda. Each presentation will cover, in one way or another, the purpose for the item being brought forward, pros and cons, summary of the points, a “recommended action” and options, if any, that Council may consider, and then a proposed motion that Councillors may amend and/or table or defeat.

Laurie Watt, Director of Services, presented the “Summary” of activities that have been taking place under the subheadings listed above. This was accompanied by a Power Point presentation showing the results of the heavy water flow this spring and the flooding and repairs that were undertaken.

Two “Items for Decision” were presented under the Water/Wastewater /Environment division.

Council passed “option 1” which reads:

“ Forgive fees and costs associated with providing Westview Care an initial connection to the Sunnyslope Rural Gravity Water System. If Westview Care decides to pursue the option of increased flow, as per policy #14-15 they would then be responsible to pay fees as such.”

The second item was to accept this motion in response to a ratepayer’s request to increase water volume: “Council moved to accept the request for increased water volume for service connection located at NW 23-30-25-W4M.”

Under “Planning”, one item was the attending to Bylaw 1730 Land Use Bylaw being an Amendment from Agriculture District to Local Rural Commercial District. This had already received first reading and the requisite Public Hearing had been held. Council gave 2nd and 3rd reading to the Bylaw. Councillor Ken Hoppins abstained from voting.

Agenda item 5.3.2 is termed a “Subdivision Application, submitted by Badlands Motorsport Resort”.

Barb Hazelton, Manager of Planning & Development, presented a six page document which included a recommendation that the application be passed on to the Municipal Planning Commission. This contains 14 conditions that would have to be met.

Council approved this recommendation.

At this time Council went into closed session to discuss a “Legal Matter”.

When open session resumed Council passed a motion that was amended to read as follows:

“Council directs Administration to enter into a development agreement with the Badlands Recreation Development Corporation in regards to the construction of the access road to the Badlands Motor Resort.”

Sixteen items, all having to do with Policy upgrades, as proposed by the Agricultural Service Board (ASB), were put forward and received the formal approval of Council, that they be accepted as presented. A “Kneehill County Tourism and Recreation Masterplan, final draft, was approved as recommended by the Parks Committee.

It is required that the County appoint “Weed, Pest and Soil Conservation Inspectors for a stated term of employment and Council passed the following motion:

That Council appoints for the term of their employment with Kneehill County, Fallon Sherlock, Jeffery Guidolin, Nicole Plant, Mikaela Johnson, & Bruce Sommerville, as Kneehill County Weed, Pest and Soil Conservation Inspectors, as per the Alberta Weed Control Act, Agricultural Pest Act and the Soil Conservation Act.”

Under the heading of “Protective Services” Council approved the renewal appointment of Torrington Fire Chief, Mike Bauer to May 31, 2019, and the appointment of Ed Look to fill the vacant position of Deputy Fire Chief for Torrington Fire Department.

Approval of accepting Policy changes, as recommended to the “Traffic, Pursuit and Emergency Policy” and the “Protective Services Policy Review Deletions”, were given.

Council approved the Bank Reconciliations statements for February and March 2017 as presented.

Under “New Business” there were four more policies that were reviewed and accepted as recommended. These were to do with “Group Health Plan and AD&D Insurance Coverage”, “Elected Official’s Expense Allowance”, “Promotional Clothing and Goods Program”, and “Risk Control Policy Statement”.

Another item was to approve the cancellation of a scheduled “Committee of the Whole” meeting.

A request from the Three Hills Thrashers for sponsorship in way of a ½ page ad in their brochure resulted in this motion:

“That Council provides support to the Three Hills Thrashers Junior “B” Hockey Club, by sponsoring $350.00.”

A request from the “Rural Alberta Innovations and Learning (RAIL) Commons Conference resulted in this motion:

“That Council approves sponsorship in the amount of $250.00 Copper Sponsorship for the Rural Alberta Innovations and Learning Conference being held at Olds College from September 29 to October 1, 2017”.

Council moved that Councillor Calhoun would accompany the Dau Family to the BMO Stampede Farm Family Awards, being held at Stampede Park, in Calgary, on July 10, 2017.”

Council Members had prepared reports for meetings which they had recently attended.

Councillor Whittstock attended an AQUA Seven Water Services Commission meeting.

Councillor Hoppins’ report was regarding the Kneehill Housing Corporation.

Councillor Calhoun reported on the Drumheller and District Solid Waste Association meeting. This year has seen a slower use and thus a decrease in income there, but an increase in the Recycling end.

Councillor Keiver gave a verbal report on the Community Futures Wildrose meeting.

An impressive “Council Follow-Up Action List” was circulated showing many items “Accomplished”. This was accepted as presented.

Council adjourned at 11:18 am.