“B is for Brady Golf Tournament” goes Saturday, July 22

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A “B is For Brady Golf Tournament” is set to go on Saturday, July 22, at the Three Hills Golf Course.

It is a fund-raising event in memory of and to honour Brady Regehr, with funds going to the B is for Brady Memorial Fund and the Rotary Flames House.

Brady is the son of John Regehr and Jaclyn (Jacci) Tainsh. He succumbed to the ravages of Battens Disease which is a neurodegenerative disease that caused Brady to lose his ability to walk, talk, eat and see.

Brady was born perfectly healthy, had his first seizure when he was two and a half, was diagnosed with Battens Disease at four and passed away when he was seven (January 1, 2016.)

The Rotary Flames House supported Brady and his family in the three years between his diagnosis and his passing. He went there regularly for respite and spent the last three months of his life in end-of-life-care at the house.

Of the Rotary Flames House, Jacci has given this information: “The only pediatric hospice in Alberta and one of only six across the country, Rotary Flames House provides end-of-life and much needed respite care for families with medically-complex children. Respite is a special, short-term relief for parents and families who have children needing around-the- clock care. It is a crucial time for rest and renewal. Last year, the team at Rotary Flames House provided more than 1,200 nights of respite care for families in our community.”

It is located in Calgary as part of the Alberta Children’s Hospital complex.

Jacci also explained how the “B is for Brady Memorial Fund” differs from the “typical” fundraising accounts, what goals are set for the future, and where the fund stands at the present.

“The account is through the Investors Group Charitable Giving Program. The investment fund used is the Investors Group Dividend Fund which invests 100% in Canadian companies. Long term average returns on the fund have been just over 7%/year. Each & every year the account will donate 5% of the total amount in the fund to the Rotary Flames House to help them with ongoing costs and operations as they help families with children in need. Donations wouldn’t just impact the house this year. They will continue to impact the house each year moving forward.

Future Goals:

$100,000 in the account by Nov. 13, 2018 (Brady’s 10th birthday) so we can donate $5,000/year to remember Brady.

$1,000,000 in the account by Nov. 13, 2026 (Brady’s 18th birthday) so we can donate $50,000/year to remember Brady.

Right now the “B is for Brady Memorial Fund” account has approximately $40,000 and we’re looking to continue to increase that amount with future charitable events coming up soon!

The money donated and interest earned can never be used for personal gain. If we decide to end the fund ALL of the money gets donated to the Rotary Flames House or another charity of our choice.”

Those making donations of $500 and over receive a charitable receipt directly from Investors Group.

The July 8 IGA pancake breakfast had all the proceeds going to the B is for Brady Memorial Fund.

Concerning the golf tournament itself, these are the details: July 22, 2017 at the Three Hills Golf Course with a start time of 2 pm. Nine holes, four person best ball. Supper to follow with a silent auction open during supper. Participants need to register at the golf course at 403-443-5065.

Brady’s story and the role the Rotary Flames House played for all involved may be seen at forbrady.ca

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