Linden Outdoor Rink to see upgrades; Raise the Roof delayed

Linden Rink

The Linden Ag Society has been working toward raising money to see the Outdoor Rink upgraded. This project has always been called Raise the Roof, however it has included many needed upgrades, not just a roof. These upgrades include; a new concrete slab, new boards, new lighting, new safety nets and yes a roof to cover the entire rink surface. Many of the funds that we have raised have come from community donations, but a large portion has also come from provincial grants. The province has now given us a firm deadline of March 1st, 2018 in which we must spend all the grant funding we received or return it. We sure don’t want to return it, but we find ourselves in a bit of a predicament. We don’t have enough funding in place to perform all of the intended upgrades. We are faced with a choice – put a roof over the falling down rink or upgrade the rink with a new slab, new boards, new lighting and new safety nets. We have chosen to upgrade the rink, unless by some miracle we suddenly get enough funds to complete the entire project.

An exciting addition to this project that adds very little cost, but benefits Linden residents in a huge way is; the rink size will be extended a bit and removable tennis net posts will be added. So when there is no ice in the rink it will double as a brand new tennis court too!!! The safety netting will completely encircle the rink so there will be no jumping over the boards to retrieve runaway balls.

To see this project completed within budget we are going to need to call on the amazing volunteers of Linden and surrounding area. For more information or for making a cash donation, watch the reader board or contact a Linden Ag member.

We hope you all understand why the roof needs to be delayed, once we have this project under our belts we will focus again on Raising the Roof!!