Trochu Town Council Report

Trochu's Operations Director explained to Council at their Dec. 13 meeting, the order in which roads are prioritized for snow ploughing. First on the list are facility access roads (businesses, elevators, and the reservoir). This would be followed by residential, then vector streets, and then special areas such as the cemetery or hall parking lot. If there is a special event at the hall or a funeral at the cemetery, these specific roadways/lots move up in priority. Council has requested that Carl write up a formal policy. The Mayor asked if it might be reasonable to ask the County if it would consider ploughing the hall lot (or some of it) since they are right next door with their grader. Carl was also to speak with the Hall Board about this as well. Due to a citizen request for a recycling option for bond paper, Carl made some inquiries with Drumheller Waste and was told that they accepted such paper in Drumheller, but they are not prepared to transport it in from other municipalities. Carl asked Council if they wanted to consider a bin in town and when full, the Town of Trochu would transport it to Three Hills. Council had some reservations about using a bin for such a purpose, and spoke of some of the problems that Drumheller was experiencing with the cardboard recycling bins becoming contaminated (with other garbage). This can spoil the recyclables and create extra work and extra charges for the handler. "To make it work you need the full cooperation of all citizens." There was further discussion on whether businesses (such as the Post Office) would want to have their own bin for bond paper and transport it themselves, but perhaps it wasn't something the Town staff had time for at the moment.
Clr. Cunningham raised the subject of the "Tourist Passport of Icons" and that for $500 a picture of the Tee at the golf course, along with a brief write-up about the Tee could be placed in the tourist brochure. Tourists then get a stamp for each of the 'Icons' they visit. There is a February deadline for the information, including the name of the participating businesses where tourists to Trochu's "Tee" could receive their 'stamp'. Council approved a motion to spend the full dollars now, to reserve a spot in the Icon booklet and to inquire whether the Golf Club was interested in supporting it.
The Administrator advised Council that three letters were mailed to the owners of three specific properties asking for their plans for the abandoned building on the site. The deadline has been given as mid January or otherwise the building could be issued with an demolishment order. Under the topic of doctor recruitment, there was news of two new doctors coming to the area, one for Trochu and one for Three Hills.
Council was advised it had reserved in the 2010 budget, a maximum of $10,000 toward 2011 Centennial celebrations and projects. There was brief discussion on known plans to date such as a band and hall rental for New Years, and what items an available grant will and will not cover. An event on May 5 (to re-open the time capsule) will include all past councillors and mayors, and if deceased, spouses should be notified to represent on their behalf. There will be a luncheon.
The Agricultural Society is wanting to build a gymkhana event area and has requested confirmation of land promised from the Town, for south-east of the Sunterra facility. Council approved a motion to explore the concept of available land for the site but will want to see the proposed plan for such a piece of property as they have in mind, including size of riding arena, any facilities, fencing and parking.