Report from your Crowfoot MP

As 2010 comes to a close and we begin the New Year, Canadians find time to reflect on past accomplishments and focus on achieving their next set of goals.  Over the past year, Canada has accomplished much, but Canadians still have concerns: jobs; help for those struggling to make ends meet; safer streets and communities; and a lasting economic recovery.
In 2010, Prime Minister Harper's Government delivered real action for Canadians.  We implemented Year 2 of Canada's Economic Action Plan, focusing on jobs and economic growth.  We have helped create nearly 430,000 jobs since July 2009.
The International Monetary Fund has predicted that Canada will lead all countries in the G-7 both this year and next in the economic recovery.  The World Economic Forum ranked Canada's banks as 'Soundest in the World' for the third year in a row.  And the well respected magazine, The Economist, called our country an "economic star."
Canada is not immune to economic uncertainty beyond our borders.  That's why, as we work toward a balanced budget, our top priority remains jobs and the economy.  The federal deficit is lower this year than previously forecasted and we are anticipating returning to a balanced budget before any of our G-7 partners.  Again this year, we have launched consultations with Canadians to seek their views on the next phase of Canada's Economic Action Plan.
Our Government has also delivered results on crime and justice issues.  We've cracked down on criminals who seek to exploit our children.  We're helping keep dangerous and repeat young offenders off our streets by strengthening the youth justice system.  And we've tackled gang violence, auto theft and white-collar crime.
This past fall, we continued our tough-on-crime commitment with action for our most vulnerable.  We're helping protect our children from adult sexual predators and working to provide law enforcement and national security agencies with the up-to-date tools needed to fight crime.
Our Government is also working to end the abuse of Canada's generous immigration system.  Last summer, we passed our landmark refugee reform, which will help lead to faster protection for victims of torture and persecution, and faster removal of failed asylum claimants.
This fall, our Government took action to stop human smugglers from helping illegal migrants jump the queue and abuse our generosity.  Canadians will not tolerate abuse from criminal human smuggling networks.
As we begin 2011, our Government will continue to work for what matters most.  We will continue to help create jobs and grow our economy.  We will continue our plan to eliminate the deficit by 2015.  And we will continue to help make our streets and communities safe places for our children and grandchildren to grow up.
I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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