Heartland cast and crew comes to Torrington

Heartland Torrington

Heartland, the Series, a family drama that follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and grandfather Jack through life on a ranch did a full day of filming in the Hamlet of Torrington on Tuesday, August 1. Scenes revolve around three of the fictional characters out for a drive to utilize that new driver’s license and to see the stuffed gophers of Torrington. This is episode seven (of 18) for Season 11.

“We usually stay within High River for filming,” said the Locations Representative, “though other possible locations are always of interest. We did lose a few of our go to places with the flooding and the renovations that took place. This is the first time we’ve been to Torrington or have even come this far out of our zone. Most everyone, from crew to actors are local, living in the Okotoks area, so this is a two-hour drive, one way.” Heartland utilizes four main locations, which is the ranch (house, barn, gate, paddock), the dude ranch, the Town of High River (Maggie’s Diner), and a studio in Calgary (barn interior, vet clinic). Special locations are utilized in the area of Calgary, Millarville, and High River.

There are about 82 crew members and another 14 background performers, along with hair and make up, but today, on set there are 50 or so. Torrington’s “Pizza ’n’ More eh!”, owned by Leanne & Kevin Damon and Tom & Marg Adamson received a facelift to color-coordinate the branding and signage that now reads “Big John’s Gas ’n Go”. The art department arrived the end of last week with paint, picnic tables with umbrellas, branding, props and instant spruce trees. “We have our own art department and designers. They arrive a few days earlier and alter the facade to match what’s required and look out for real advertising brands that can’t be allowed in the shots.”

After filming a few scenes with the red Mustang and three actors in front of Big John’s Gas ’n Go, more scenes were shot in front of Clem (the community mascot), and at the famous Gopher Hole Museum. The on scene cast was Alisha Newton as Georgina “Georgie” Fleming, Kataem O’Conner as Adam Parker, and Dempsey Bryk as Wyatt.