13 Ways Inc. delegation presents to Kneehill County Council

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Catherine Proulx, Managing Director of ‘13 Ways Inc.’ presented County Council, at their August 15 meeting, with an overview on how to proceed with a plan to get a more improved Broadband for residents. She offered four phases that included a current state assessment/study and review of the level of broadband speed and consistency currently available, a stakeholder workshop, a summary action report, and a post-election presentation and workshop. Each of the four steps involves a fee of $5,000 or all-step bundle for $17,500. 13 Ways Inc would be the technical liaison.

There were two public hearings: Bylaw 1749 a land use bylaw amendment for NW 26-33-26 W4 (Wimborne) from Agriculture District to Hamlet General District. The parcel has been registered at Land Titles and the predesignation would ensure the entire parcel is consistently zoned. Council approved a motion to consolidate Crescent Road to the playground property. Bylaw 1750 a land use bylaw amendment for a lot in Torrington (re-designation from Hamlet Residential to Hamlet Industrial District). There was one letter in favour and no opposition. Agricultural Processing would be the discretionary use for an agricultural retail facility. Both Bylaws were passed.

After receiving an update from Brad Buchert, Sr. Manager of Transportation & Facilities, Council approved the re-tendering process for Road Project Rd 25-1 (B1754) for later this fall, with construction contemplated for early 2018. Proposed ‘borrow’ lands have been tested to determine stability of materials of sand and clay. Transportation crews would have to haul the materials to the road construction site. On a side note, Mr. Buchert confirmed that the Dust Control Program would finish up within the next couple of days.

The Village of Carbon and Kneehilll County have approved a Joint Inter-municipal Development Plan (bylaw 1743), established a Joint Inter-municipal Planning Commission and also, as per the Municipal Government Act, established a Joint Inter-municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board with the Village of Carbon (Bylaw 1745).

Horsehoe Canyon Branding, presented at the July 18 meeting was tabled, awaiting further ideas/information. As recommended by Administration, presented by Laurie Watt, Director of Municipal Services, “Through further research, it was determined that this may be an opportune time to not only establish branding for Horseshoe Canyon, but also for Kneehill County as a whole and potentially other significant site in Kneehill County.” Council received this report as information and would raise the subject for discussion in late 2017 (after election) or early 2018 at a Strategic Planning Session.

New Policy 5-16 - General Municipal Servicing Standards

Laurie Watt, Director of Municipal Services presented to Council a ‘General Municipal Servicing Standards’ manual to be used as a guide in governing the engineering and design parameters, and the preparation and submission of plans and specifications for the orderly and satisfactory development of subdivision and other municipal services within the County. It was noted that this manual is intended for general information only, as guidelines for compliance for projects within the County. For the most part it is a technical document with sections on engineering plans, land use level of service, water distribution system, wastewater collection, transportation, storm water drainage, service connections, utility construction and general guidelines. Further requirements would be determined on a site specific basis (as warranted) at the time of development. Council approved the policy with amendments requiring Administration to seek Council approval for any amendments within Section B (Guidelines for General Compliance).

The Reeve and his wife were given authorization to attend the Kneehill Historical Society & museum summer Celebration on Wednesday, August 23, 2017. All of Council is authorized to attend the Kneehill Regional Family & Community Support Services Open House and Pancake Breakfast for Tuesday, August 29, 2017. Council authorized a sponsorship in the amount of $300 for St. Mary’s Trochu Golf Tournament. Clr. Calhoun was authorized to attend an Agriculture Plastics Recycling Session for August 21, 2017 in Lacombe.

The 2017 Project and Capital Budget report as of July 31, 2017, was approved. Total projects and Capital is at $8,495,745 (from a total budget of $16,881,142).

Written Council Committee Reports were approved with little to no discussion. These included Drumheller & District Solid Waste Association, Canadian Badlands Inc., Municipal Planning Commission, Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association, and the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group.