Linden Ag Society moves ahead with rink upgrades

Linden Skating Demo 2

The Linden and District Agricultural Society announced, in July 2017, its decision to move ahead with upgrades to Linden’s outdoor rink, but will have to delay the ‘Raise the Roof’ portion of the project until such time as there is enough dollars. Much of the funds raised, for the roof and upgrades project, came from community donations, but a large portion also comes from provincial grants and it is those grants that have a ‘firm’ deadline to be used by March 1, 2018. “We don’t have enough funding in place to perform all of the intended upgrades and roof,” says Dan Lauper, President of the Ag Society. “We were faced with a choice - put a roof over the falling down rink or attack some of the upgrades, unless by some miracle we suddenly get enough funds to complete the entire project. Spend the grant funding or return it; that was the dilemma.”

The Ag Society will spend those dollars on the much needed upgrades that include a new concrete slab, new boards, new lighting, and new safety nets, which have always been part of the total upgrade project. The Ag Society will also extend (at very little cost) the rink size, and will add removable tennis net posts. “When there is no ice in the rink it will double as a brand new tennis court,” said Mr. Lauper. “The safety netting will completely encircle the arena so there will be no jumping over the boards to retrieve runaway balls.”

“To see this project completed within budget,” said Mr. Lauper “we are going to need to call on the amazing volunteers of Linden and surrounding area.” Notifications of work bees will be posted on Facebook (both the Village of Linden site and Linden Ag Society site), as well as the local reader boards. This past weekend (August 12) crews removed the concrete slab while volunteers, in the past couple of weeks, removed the fencing and boards.

This coming Wednesday, August 16, the Society will be trenching for the installation of new light posts. Once this meets inspection, the gravel base will be laid and packed. “There will be a work bee announced to lay down the rebar.” The concrete slab will then be poured and residents will have ice for winter recreation, weather permitting. There will be no dollars left in the ‘Raise the Roof’ reserve and in fact, the Society will come up a bit short with doing just these upgrades. The Society will continue to seek donations for the roof.

Should you want to make a donation or put your name down as a volunteer, please inform the Village of Linden office, or call Dan Lauper (403.369.7263) or Tim Brown. The Ag Society will be holding a general meeting on September 28 at the local Care & Share, which is an open meeting. As well, the Ag Society will again host its annual fall fair and trade show on Saturday, November 4, and would appreciate your donation.