Three Hills Town Council supports Victim Services request

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A full complement of Councillors were on hand for the regular Three Hills Town Council meeting of August 21, 2017.

Under “New Business” there were seven items needing to be considered.

Councillors were provided with background briefings and suggested action to take for each item.

The Three Hills Victim Services Association, in making an application for the Alberta Victims of Crime Fund Grant asked for a letter of support from the Town of Three Hills. Council accepted the request and provided the letter.

In accordance with Bylaw 1406-17 that a secretary to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB) be appointed by council resolution, the following motion was presented and approved:

“That Council appoint Kristy Sidock as a Secretary to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board effective August 21, 2017, and further that the 2016 – 2017 Council Board & Committees list be updated to reflect the change.”

This presentation then provided the complete list of “Town of Three Hills 2016 – 2017 Council Board and Committees” which includes elected Town Councillors, Town of Three Hills Administrative Staff, and a number of Citizens serving as “Members at Large”.

A discussion concerning the flying of flags at Municipality owned properties, specifically the Three Hills Library, revolved around the protocol of raising and lowering flags, especially on special days as outlined by the Canadian Government.

Council has directed Administration to keep one flagpole at the Three Hills Library, and that the Town of Three Hills will be responsible for the raising and lowering of all municipal flags according to the protocol.

Ryan and Karen Dalgetty presented to Council a very in depth document as to the benefits of a Community Skateboard Park, and made a request that they and other interested parties be given the opportunity to appear as a “delegation” before Council.

Council approved this motion: “That council agrees to meet with Ryan and Karen Dalgetty and other interested parties, regarding a proposed skateboard park on Monday September 11, 2017 at 5:30 pm.”

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) produce an annual Year Book for distribution in high traffic locations and is intended to raise awareness and funds for the many programs MADD Canada provides, including “powerful educational seminars in schools for new young drivers”. MADD has asked for advertising support, that is, that sponsors would have their name printed in return for a financial investment.

Council approved “support for MADD with a business card sized ad in the MADD Message Year Book at a cost of $279.00.”

Under the title of “Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership Agreement” and a motion passed at the October 25, 2016 Council Meeting that a Letter of Intent to proceed with a funding application, a Memorandum of Agreement has been received.

Council now “… authorizes the Mayor and CAO to sign the Memorandum of Agreement Between Alberta Transportation and the Town of Three Hills for Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership Water Treatment Upgrades”.

In addition, Council moved “That Town Council directs Administration to work with Alberta Environment and Parks regarding regulatory approval extensions.”

The Councillor Reports were brief.

Councillors Wiebe, Campbell, and the Mayor attended two Municipal Planning Committee (MPC) meetings.

Councillor Howe reported that Leah Carter has been hired as the new “Assistant Librarian”. Councillor Howe will be attending a Marigold Library meeting this week-end.

Councillors brought concerns that ratepayers have raised to them. These concerns have to do with existing bylaws and enforcement or road conditions etc. For the most part the answer is that formal presentations should be made to the Town Office by filling in the appropriate form so that the office has a way of tracking the concern and what has been done in way of follow-up.

The Management Team Meeting Notes highlighted the activities that Administrators have been involved in over the past two weeks.

Jumping off the page, under Brian Davey, Acting Director of Operations and Infrastructure, was the six word notice: “CNR Crossing on 3rd Street Completed”.

With the acceptance of the Operating Income & Expenses statements and the RBC Bank Reconciliation Statement, the regular meeting came to a close at 6:23 pm.

There were two items for closed session.