New Trochu Town Office a topic of discussion at regular meeting

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Administrator’s Report

The relining of the sewer main and the repair of the manholes are complete. The area of wetlands that would be lost or compromised with the lagoon expansion covers approximately 5 hectares. “This is a C-rating, which translates to the Town of Trochu having to provide compensation of either $190,000 or a wetland enhancement at a 2:1 ratio (10 hectares).” Administration is investigating the options with Environment. The Mayor noted that wetlands at the Golf Course would help but there wasn’t anywhere near 10 hectares. “We need a plan in place,” stated Carl Peterson, CAO, “perhaps utilize summer students for labor to keep costs down.” He understood Council’s frustration, noting “We started this project in 2013 and then after approval, the rules changed in 2015.”

The Kneehill Bow-hunters and Archers Club have decided not to proceed with the rental of space. A few Town residents are experiencing some hiccups with the Can Pac Recycling program. “There was some confusion regarding locations for pick up which resulted in some being missed. I believe most complaints and concerns will be addressed.”

Olds Concrete has begun the sidewalk repairs, fitting the Town in between major projects and so will be coming and going. Administration also advised that they have a crusher capable of reducing old concrete and pavement piles into usable material. At the moment Administration advised it had enough materials but at some point it would be helpful to see what the crusher is capable of and what type of product results. It was the Mayor’s opinion to postpone a trial/test until after election.

Repairs to the CN Rail Crossings are scheduled to begin perhaps on Wednesday, August 23 with two crossings. CN Railway has requested that the Town of Trochu do some paving at the north crossing.

In regards to the new Town Office location, the CAO suggested that to save some dollars, the Town could act as its own project manager. The parking lot entrance was re-configured for safety reasons, and the Town of Three Hills have some relatively new furniture and cabinets that they would offer for free, if the Town of Trochu could make use of them. Otherwise, the furniture would be offered to other municipalities.

The picnic tables, benches and garbage and recycle containers have all arrived and are being installed with the gazebos.

Administration is still waiting to hear back on a decision regarding the possible sale of effluent for ‘fracking’ purposes. All the information has been sent off to Environment.

Administration will be focused the next few days on completing an asset survey. “We have received a direction from the Federal Government to complete a survey of all asset infrastructure (to be completed by August 24).”

The Town’s engineering firm is putting together a tender package that will allow for hydrant and valve replacement over a number of years.

The position of water operator/public works has been filled. Initial interviews have been completed for the position of Director of Operations and interviews are set to begin. A survey has been sent out to the surrounding area to see if there is a demand for Day Care. The survey can be completed on line. Administration has proposals from four contractors with regard to arena lighting and will be reviewing them before assigning the project.


The Road Closure bylaw 2017-01 (referred to as the golf course road) has been on the agenda since 2003 and Administration was finally able to inform Council of positive headway. Council approved the bylaw and now the way is clear for Town development.

New Business

Council gave approval for a letter of support to the City of Red Deer for expansion of hospital services in Red Deer. As well, a letter of support was approved for a grant application from Victim’s Services. A motion was also approved for the appointment of outside members to Trochu’s Subdivision Development and Appeal Board (as required). It was noted that Kneehill County had ‘trained’ members that are on call. Another approved motion was the appointment of secretaries for the Appeal Board. Day Care organizers have approached the school to set up one classroom (for the time being) as a rental space for provision of day care.

Clr./Committee Reports

Clr. Cunningham spoke about an open house for Trochu Manor. Clr. Garneau thanked Carl Peterson (CAO) on behalf of a number of residents who welcomed the completion of a few projects. He also made a suggestion that the park (with new gazebo) that is often referred to as the ‘uptown’ park, should get an official name and sign before it becomes bogged down with too many common names. Clr. Cunningham suggested one option could be the original historical name for the building. Clr. Warnock thought the bus tour to Sundre to view the seniors’ health facility was very worthwhile. She spoke a bit on the open spaces, the flooring, and courtyard. Carl Peterson, CAO in his Administrator’s report also mentioned St. Mary’s Health Care Foundation bus tour experienced “a good turnout and resulted in some very interested people.” An information session was held on August 17. Clr. Lumley suggested that the Town look into the possibility of holding a dog show (held the second week of July). She has the contact information of the woman in charge who was very impressed with the Lions Campground as a venue. The event has judges coming from many countries and it usually draws about 400 people.

Mayor Kletke reminded Council that a CAEP (Central Alberta Economic Partnership) meeting would be held at the Trochu office in September. Mr. Kletke confirms that though the City of Red Deer has delayed for one year its position on whether to depart CAEP, (until after election), Mountain View County is still staying with its notice of intent to pull out, for now.

Business Walk Survey

Clr. Lumley presented Council with the results of the Trochu Business Walk survey, of which 73% were completed (of the 66 survey notifications mailed out). Clr. Lumley was impressed with the high percent completed. The businesses included store front and home based and were all coded and grouped so their comments would remain anonymous. In answer to what the Town does well, listed was community spirit, easy access to Councilors, communication (regarding utility bills), generally a safe, clean community, snow removal, to name a few. The #1 item that can be improved upon is store front aging and the number of empty buildings on Main Street. The survey also mentioned the need for more maintenance of pavement, sidewalks, and alleys, and the Town should expand its Incentive Program to better accommodate new business. Low Cost Housing would also help businesses. What businesses are recruiting for include: mechanics, cooks, meat cutters, management/customer service, computer skills, carpenters, and stylists. Suggestions for businesses were to combine such services such as bakery with a bistro, a flower shop with small gifts, antique store with artisans/craft, a garden centre tied in with the arboretum, and offer speciality food items that are unique. The businesses also really liked the turkey/ham draw and think it should happen twice a year, perhaps in combination with businesses partnering up for other promotions within Trochu. A presentation of the full survey results will be scheduled for fall sometime, with the possibility of even waiting until after the election.