Village of Acme moves forward on development of Industrial Park

Acme Alberta Border

The Village of Acme approved three bylaws at their September 11 Council meeting and public hearing, with the intent to extend their existing business park south of the current Highway Commercial district. One bylaw provides the framework for the future expansion (bylaw 2017-06), a structure plan for the “Acme South-West Area” that encompasses about 80 acres. Two more bylaws, one to amend the Land Use Bylaw and another to amend the Municipal Development Plan Bylaw, were a re-designation of the district. An application has been received for the development of an eight-acre portion in the North-West parcel for a retail business. Therefore, this portion was re-designated Commercial. These 80 acres had been set aside for urban reserve and designated for future industrial use. Council will maintain the industrial designation on the remaining land at this time, so as to potentially attract a variety of business.

It is the intent of Glen Christiansen, owner of Acme Farm and Building Centre, to relocate his lumber yard and retail facility to the eight-acre parcel. At present the building centre is located on the far east side of Town. Mr. Christiansen felt he could begin building sometime in the spring of 2018. At this time, he has no concrete ideas on what he would do with his current building and land.

The public hearing for these bylaws, held in Council Chambers, included a presentation from Cynthia Cvik, CEO/Director of Planning for Palliser Regional Municipal Services. With five members of the public in attendance, no one spoke officially in favour or against, however there was a comment that questioned the loss of land due to highway set backs. It was noted that there were no concerns from Alberta Transportation, Alberta Health Services, or Kneehill County.

Different phases will begin with the servicing of the eight acres, an extension of services from the existing commercial business park, located at the north property line. Lot grading for surface drainage will connect into the existing overland storm drain ditch, that the existing business park is using.

The regular Council meeting continued with Ms. Murray, Administrator, addressing ‘Off Street Parking Regulation’ and whether this was an issue that could be handled by the ‘unsightly bylaw’. She advised that in speaking with local bylaw officers, it was suggested that the land use bylaw would be a better fit. Enforcement required the vehicle to be both not operable and not registered. The CAO was given approval by Council to pursue the issue and get more information and a public hearing could be slated for some time after election.

Ms. Murray said that although Acme had signed up for the Fortis LED Street Light Conversion, she was taken by surprise at how quickly they got started. She explained how easy a job it seemed, watching the crew take about two minutes to install the new lights into each pole.

Important dates include Nomination Day, September 18, regular council meeting at 6:30 for September 25 and October 10, an All Candidates Meeting on October 11, 700 p.m. at the Acme Community Centre. Advance polls will be held on October 13 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and October 14, from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Acme Village Office. October 16 is election day at the Acme Community Hall.