Kneehill County awards 2017 Scholarships

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Rural Broadband Proposal

Council asked that the information regarding broadband for Kneehill County, as it relates back to an August 15 presentation from Catherine Proulx, Managing Director, 13 Way Inc., be received as information, including quotes received from Taylor Warwick Consulting Ltd. and WSP on the high level technical plan costs. Council would prefer to have better discussion after the election, since it is so near, and to have this matter raised at their Strategic Planning Session, slated for February 2018.

Road Rebuild Green-lit

Tenders for a road rebuild on Range Rd 25-1 (B1754) closed September 11, 2017 and Transportation received six tenders, the lowest being $2,202,775, which met all the requirements, advised Mr. Buchert, Sr. Manager. Work is to start in spring 2018, weather permitting. With the project slightly over budget, Council approved the allocation of an additional $465,000 from road reserve.


A motion to establish fireworks regulations, Fireworks Bylaw 1751, presented by Debra Grosfield, Communications and Protective Service was defeated. Debra explained that currently any requests for Fireworks discharge are administered through the Burn Permit process. However, she was skeptical about compliance enforcement without a bylaw. High Hazard Fireworks require certification in accordance with the Explosives Act and Alberta Fire Code, while Low Hazard Fireworks require fire department approval. When asked, Debra noted that the County had not had any actual problems.

County Scholarships

2017 Scholarships were awarded to Ewan Bell for Academic Achievement and to Kelly Stockwood for Community and Leadership. Both receive $ 2000 each.

New Business

Council authorized $150 sponsorship toward the Three Hills Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament ‘for Fun’ Sept 19, 2017. Council directed Administration to provide a support letter for Sustainability Resources, in their application for grant funding for the Rural Prosperity Initiative and their Rural Climate Adaptation and Community Resilience program. These funds and programs will help municipalities to manage natural resources, implement opportunities and infrastructure solutions. Council received as information the Kneehill Community Resource Program Annual Report (KCRP). Council confirmed attendance for the Central Zone Alberta Association of Municipal District and Counties (CAAMDC) Fall meeting, scheduled for Friday, October 13, hosted by Paintearth County at the Castor Community Hall in the Town of Castor.