David Nelson named Director of Operations

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Deputy Mayor Chris Reeds called the regular meeting of the Town of Trochu Council to order at 6:01 pm, September 11.

The routine matters of approving the agenda as amended, adopting the minutes of the August 21 meeting, and accepting the “housekeeping” report were dealt with speedily.

There were no Public Hearings and no Delegations on the agenda.

Under “Staff Reports” the Gardener’s and Grant Writer’s reports were accepted as presented.

The Administrator’s report was presented by Carl Peterson.

The first order of concern here was the introduction of David Nelson the new Director of Operations who assumed his role today. (September 11). This means that for the first time for some time, Trochu now has a full complement of Public Works staff.

Discussion did take place about tentative repairs and replacement for the Well House and valves etc. Further details will be presented at the next council meeting and the necessary motion will be framed then.

In the way of “good news” it was reported that the repairs at the CN Rail Crossings have been completed.

Just over a dozen other items were included in the report.

The Councillors gave their reports as to meetings attended and some concerns expressed by residents.

Councillor Cunningham reported concerning developments with the Senior Housing facility. He also gave an update as to what seems to be in the works for the Marigold Library System Headquarters in Strathmore.

Councillor Garneau commented on the Town Murals, but this is being looked after by the Historical Society.

He also had attended meetings of the Red Deer Watershed Alliance and the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group, and spoke of the alarming consequences of development over the years and the adverse effects these have had on natural water flow. He emphasized that while it is a provincial problem, there are things that the local municipality must take to prevent further harm to “our” watershed.

Councillor Lumley touched on several items including the plans for the Arboretum Society Christmas Market scheduled for November 23; the Community Survey that has had 273 responses so far, the success of the Community Futures Wild Rose meeting and the Open Farm Days, and an idea per the Gazebo projects and “décor”. She will be attending an FCSS meeting September 12. September 13 is the date for the annual Royal Purple Boxed Lunch Fundraiser which funds the Forgotten Lunches program in the TroVal school.

Councillor Warnock attended the FCSS Open House/Pancake Breakfast and gave a very positive report of the facilities.

Deputy Mayor Reeds attended the Three Hills Discovery Night event but not in the capacity of Councillor or Deputy Mayor, and made observations as the event might relate to Trochu’s Flapjack Fiesta.

There were seven pieces of correspondence covering a variety of subjects from “Changes in AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) Senior Management; the newsletter from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and Cannabis Legislation; and a Citizens In Action- Kneehill County Program Announcement.

Under New Business, Council approved the installation of a “dimmer system” for the arena lighting.

Letters of support and/or interest were approved to go to the National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) in their opposition to the privatization of airports in Canada, and to the Centralized Industrial Assessment and the request for an Expression of Interest in the Transitory Hybrid Delivery Model.

The regular meeting adjourned at 7:33 pm.

Councillors reassembled after a short recess to deal with items in Closed Session.