Three Hills Town Council hears Skateboard Park proposal

Skateboard Delegation

Three Hills Town Council held their regular meeting on Monday, September 11.

Following the viewing of a new Three Hills Town History Video, Council welcome a Three Hills Skateboard Park delegation.

In the words of Karen Dalgetty, “We are a committed group of skateboarders, parents and friends who have come together to encourage active and safe participation in skateboarding and other casual recreation activities for Three Hills youth and families.”

The request, put forward to Council, was for an all-concrete, professionally designed and built skate park, for the entire community.

A lot of work has been done by the committee, including research on numerous Alberta skateparks that are already operating.

Council heard that skateboarding, BMXing and scootering have all grown in popularity over the last 10 years and remain relevant to today’s youth. Skateboarding has been added to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

It was mentioned that the lack of a public facility forces children and youth to seek unsanctioned and often dangerous terrain such as streets, parking lots or business fronts.

Benefits listed included a potential for increased tourism and economic activity, reduction of youth inactivity, crime, drug use and nuisance behaviour.

The committee asked that Council work with the group to designate a site for the development and support the initiative with fundraising assistance. The group is committed to playing an active role in fundraising by applying for grants and soliciting funding support from private and corporate community members.

Council was highly impressed with their detailed presentation. The group was sincerely thanked and Council accepted the information presented for further consideration.

In other business, Bylaw 1414-17, a bylaw of the Town of Three Hills to amend Bylaw 1227-02, a bylaw to regulate and control the operation of the Three Hills Cemetery, was presented for and given first, second and third and final reading with a unanimous vote required. The motion was carried. The change allows three cremains, per plot, as opposed to the former two.

A motion was also carried that proactive action be taken on hedges that are affecting site lines and are creating potential safety hazards. Following Council reports, Council went into closed session to discuss three items, returning to open session at 8:14 pm. Council adjourned at 8:15 pm.