Brian Jean makes whistle stop in Three Hills

Brian Jean Whistlestop

October 5, saw a crowd gather to hear United Conservative Party (UCP) leader candidate Brian Jean speak of his personal background, his association with Three Hills, the vision of the UCP to “take back Alberta”, and to urge supporters to have a current membership and to register to vote for the leader.

Brian Jean is from Ft. McMurray and has lived in Alberta for 50 years.  From 1977-1981 Brian was a student at Prairie College, in Three Hills. He then went to Portland Oregon, and received a BS in Marketing. He has owned and operated about a dozen businesses in Alberta. After getting another degree in finance he then went into Law and practiced that for 10 years.  In 2004 became a member of the Legislative Assembly for Ft. McMurray. He was elected four times, each time with a greater percentage of support. He decided to retire in 2014 and travel.

Brian's son passed away in 2015 after being misdiagnosed. This alerted him to the Health Care crisis, in Alberta, and this has prompted his present involvement.
Other concerns that were mentioned are:

  • The huge problem with Senior Care.
  • The education system, and especially the right for parents to make their own choices about home schooling, private or public education.
  • The justice system and the desperate need for more lawyers and judges so that criminals are not allowed to go free because their cases cannot be heard in a reasonable time.

Brian has posted his plan for health, justice, education etc. on his website.  In his words: “The most comprehensive set of policies that is out there today.”

Brian assured the audience that with the United Conservative Party the members are always in charge. They are in charge of the policies, they are in charge of the constitution, and they are in charge of their elected members and the leader.

The total presentation took only 10 minutes and then Mr. Jean was available to speak with individuals and for others to register as voting members, when it comes time to elect the new UCP leader.