Three Hills Council attends AUMA Conference

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The regular meeting of Three Hills Town Council was called to order by Mayor Tim Shearlaw promptly at 5:30 pm on Monday, November 27.

The Councillors present approved the adoption of the minutes of the previous meeting of November 14.

There were no delegations, no business arising out of the minutes, no old business to report and no Bylaws to present.

Five items of new business were presented and the following resolutions were passed.

1. “That Council approves the Signing Authorization at Financial Institutions Policy as approved”

2. “That Council agrees to meet with Callie Fox-Paget to discuss the future of the Three Hills Neons Swim Club on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 5:45 PM.”

3. As per the Municipal Government Act (MGA) regarding the calling of a special meeting, “That Mayor Shearlaw calls a special council meeting to be held on Friday December 15th, 2017 at 8:30 am in Council Chambers for discussion of Agreement between the Town of Three Hills and the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 417-05.”

4. “That Council accepts the Town Office – Christmas Holiday Closure as information presented.”

5. “That Council directs Administration to proceed with the electronic delivery of the Town of Three Hills Christmas E-Card, and that the funds in lieu of cards and postage in the amount of $500.00 be donated to the Christmas Hamper.”

Several Councillors, in their reports, mentioned attending the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Convention held in Calgary, November 22-24, and how beneficial it was.

Councillor Sept attended a meeting of the Marigold Library System in Strathmore. The main topic of discussion there was about the proposed new building.

Mayor Shearlaw, in his report, noted that he also attended the AUMA convention.

On November 16, he welcomed Dr. Kwong-See, Alberta’s Senior Advocate, on behalf of the Town of Three Hills, when she came to town to outline the work of that office at a meeting at the CommUnity Drop-In Centre.

He also attended, on the same date, the Community Futures meeting in Strathmore.

Mayor Shearlaw has been involved in the installation of lighting etc. for Anderson Park.

The Management Team Report is given in written point form outlining activities undertaken by the Management Team over the past two weeks. The Management Team is made up of CAO Lori Conkin, Acting Director of Operations & Infrastructure Brian Davey, and Executive Assistant/Development Officer Sherry Reid. Each of these are present during the Council Meeting to answer any questions or give clarification as requested.

The Financial statements for the period ending October 31 and December 31 were accepted as presented.

One item of correspondence was received to be filed.

And with that the open session of Council came to a close at 6:09 PM.

Three items were on the agenda for the closed session.