Unusual daytime robbery at Sandstone IDA


A very unusual robbery took place at Three Hills Sandstone IDA Pharmacy on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

Apparently a female, in her mid- 20’s entered the store at 5:15 pm, according to surveillance video. A male also in his mid-20’s entered the store at 5:16 pm. and the two individuals spent the next half hour filling their individual hand baskets with items. They did not make contact with each other while they were in the store. The male even spoke with staff and commented on how nice a store it was and how he liked the community.

Security footage shows the female putting her filled basket down, just inside the east entry door. She then walked through the store and exited, making no purchases. Store staff said she most probably was parked on the east side of the store. She pulled a white Jeep onto Main Street, in front of the store. Video shows her opening the entry door and reaching down the pick up the basket. She then returned to the Jeep and flashed her headlights. The male approached the east entry door, with his filled basket and she is seen opening the door for him and the two fled. When the store closed, staff recognized that same male to be standing on the steps of The Toronto Dominion Bank, talking on his cell phone. The white Jeep was parked in front the bank with the female inside. A staff member walked past the rear of the Jeep and got a photo of the licence plate. The Jeep backed out and headed southbound on Fourth Avenue.

A police cruiser, on routine patrol was flagged down and the officer was told of the incident. Police set out to look for the suspect vehicle but to no avail as time had lapsed. The licence plate turned out to be stolen from a Sylvan Lake address. Police feel the Jeep was most likely stolen as well. Staff are unsure what was stolen aside from a large amount of makeup and perfumes and at least one diffuser.

That same evening at about 8:30 pm, two young girls were walking home from the Three Hills Aquatic Centre. They encountered a tall male with long brown hair. The man was standing at the RBC corner. Upon passing, in a southbound direction, the girls could hear foot steps behind them. They began to run and apparently the man did as well. Somewhere along Fourth Ave he got into a black four by four truck. The girls got home and quickly got inside. It was reported that the man approached the house and knocked on the front door but did not try to gain entry. The man then walked to the rear of the house before leaving. Moments later the girls mother arrived home and called the police. RCMP launched a search for the man and stopped several vehicles but nothing came of it.