Trochu Swimming Pool project receives $75,000 grant

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Administrator’s Report

Carl Peterson, CAO, had nothing new to add regarding a potential mutual aid agreement with Elnora for a Backup Water Operator at the Trochu Town Council meeting Jan. 8. “No work has been started as yet.” Trochu Playschool has reviewed and signed an agreement for upstairs space at the arena. Carl is awaiting estimates for an additional bore hole and groundwater testing that should be completed regarding the Lagoon Expansion. Documents have been signed and readied for full ownership of the new building for the Town Office. The Mayor announced that the building was appraised at $550,000. “This is a substantial and considerate gift passed over to the Town.” A request by a business owner to install a sign along Hwy 21, on golf course property, was given consideration. The Golf Club had no concerns but Council raised the issue of precedent. No one wanted to see the clutter of too many advertising signs detracting from the highway view of the actual golf course, but conceded that revenue from any signs could help the Golf Club while at the same time, a cost may inhibit too many queries regarding signs. Deputy Mayor Reeds would raise the issue with the Golf Club and get their thoughts. Administration asked for a committee of Councillors to meet and discuss the numerous bylaws and policies that need to conform with new changes in the MGA, specifically a utility bylaw. Carl advised that he had discussions with various municipalities within the Palliser partnership to put together a grant application that would provide Palliser with the necessary software and upgrades so that the infrastructure and assets of all the partner communities could be installed into a more user friendly system.

A motion was passed to ratify the Master Fire Agreement for one year, while reviewing and amending as necessary prior to the 2019 renewal.

Director of Operations


The public works backhoe has had its usage limited when it was compromised by a broken hydraulic fitting. Public Works is waiting on parts. The Skidsteer also has a hydraulic leak and was out of commission for two days. A 2008 GMC Topic cab and chassis is for sale for $14,000 and a new hydraulic dump box has been quoted at $32,500, including installation.

A couple of days were spent in the arena completing some safety upgrades. A portion of the ceiling in the ice-resurfacer room was replaced and the overhead door was fixed. The overhead door tracks in the refrigeration room was also fixed. Occupational Health and Safety performed a safety audit mid December and though there were no concerns, some paperwork on hazard assessment and maintenance records needed completion and OHS would be back this coming week to review the paperwork. The Mayor had a small concern for the standing room area that could use another rug for one small portion that blended in with the black space and was icy. It was announced that arena bookings are very good for the next couple of months.

The electrician has completed work at the Huxley well house. A chemical supplier asserts that Public Works can use a greater amount of chemical for maintenance of the lagoon (at present using only one third of recommended amount). The Town spends $1800 annually (on chemical). A local de-sludging company will provide the Town with an estimated cost for measuring sludge in cells and storage ponds as well as for use of their de-sludging equipment. The Mayor was not impressed with the potential price tag for the use of the equipment and advised that Public Works should first try the recommendation for using triple the amount of chemical, which was substantially cheaper at $1800 times three for the year. No motion was made on this issue.

Trochu Swimming Pool


Sharon Little, representing Kippers came to council to discuss the pool liner upgrade, the grant for $75,000 that has been received, and options for when and who would do the work. Managing the pool is another important talking point. Said Mayor Kletke, “How do we want to go forward with this upgrade and do we have the capability of managing the pool on our own, without aid from Three Hills, (a contract that has now expired).”

Trochu Fire Department

Fire Chief Richard Hoppins provided Council with a 2017 year-end review. Asked about dispatch, he advised that it was working out well. A new piece of equipment would be a drying rack for the hoses. The department has 29 members. There were 141 calls. They have plans to host a training course in February.

Within Councilor reports Clr. Cunningham cited progress being made with Kneehill Housing projects, such as the installation of windows. “Many windows have now been installed.” Clr. Lumley asked Administration if January 31, 2018 (Wednesday) would be a good date to hold the Business Walk survey results meeting with the stakeholders. A time of 7 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. was being considered. Administration would send out RSVP announcements of the event to get a better idea of participation and the space that would be required.