Restructuring heals rift with Carbon Fire Department

Carbon Fire Crew

It lasted a couple of days and it caused a lot of consternation in the community, but the Village of Carbon has regular fire service again.

On Monday evening, January 29, an emergency meeting of the village council temporarily suspended the operations of the Carbon Fire Department, citing an unresolved personnel issue. On Thursday morning the suspension was lifted.

"We had a meeting last night, all of council with the fire department, everything was put on the table," outlined Carbon Deputy Mayor Bryan Peever. "It was a very positive meeting, it was a unanimous meeting and we are now moving forward with new management and new direction, and we are destined to make this place better."

Former Deputy Chief Jody Kranzler takes over as Carbon Fire Chief, replacing Marty Morgan. The new Deputy Chiefs are Dan Clowe and Jordan Reed.

"Everything was done at the greatest haste," added Peever. "Peoples' lives were put on hold to make this happen and I'm very proud of the fire department, council and the town for going through this process, but we'll come out better on the other side."

The original story sparked a flood of phone calls to the village office and many comments online, but Peever hopes they're past that now.

"There's been some very interesting comments made, negative and positive, but I truly believe as an elected official that it's important to hear that other side of the story to keep us honest and make sure that we are doing the right thing."