Pedestrians hit in two separate incidents

On Saturday, January 15, a seven year old boy, from Drumheller, was struck by a car on 3rd avenue north, in Three Hills, near
Centennial Place.
A 29 year old woman, from Three Hills, was driving south bound toward 1st street north, when the child ran out in front of her. She attempted to stop, but due to the icy road conditions, was unable. The boy was taken to the Three Hills Health Center for observation. No charges were laid in the incident.
Around 1:00 am on Tuesday, January 18, a 22 year old female was hit by a motor vehicle as she was walking east on Highway 583 against traffic.
The female was side-swiped by the oncoming vehicle, and knocked down. She was admitted to the hospital with ankle, arm and head injuries. It is likely she was hard to see, as it was dark, snowing, and she was wearing a white winter jacket. The unknown driver of a four door sedan failed to stop after the incident. Police are asking anyone who may have information relating to this case to please call the Three Hills RCMP at 403-443-5539.