Family Literacy Day® takes place on January 27

Parents – do you want to help your children improve their literacy skills, but find it difficult to engage them? Make literacy fun! Literacy is more than reading and writing – there are so many fun games that you can play together as a family to help everyone improve their skills, and spend quality time together!
Family Literacy Day® is an annual initiative that takes place on January 27 to encourage families to learn together all year round.  The theme this year is Play for Literacy. Playing games creates a strong family bond, promotes language comprehension and improves reading skills.
Play with your family on Family Literacy day to encourage a love for learning. ABC Life Literacy Canada and the Centre for Family Literacy offer these fun play-based literacy activities that the whole family will enjoy:
· Host a family game night where everyone is encouraged to read instructions, actively participate and keep score. Invite another family over for a friendly competition!
· Driving in the car doesn't have to be boring. Turn off the radio and play fun games involving signs, billboards and licence plates.
· Play an active game such as 'Simon Says', which improves comprehension skills.
· Open a book and make up a story using just the pictures.
· Follow a recipe to make a batch of cookies. Not only will it help improve math skills but there's also a yummy treat at the end!
· Card games like 'Go Fish' help children learn to articulate sounds and improve memory development.
· Have a scavenger hunt! Give your kids a list of items that have been hidden around the house and ask them to find them.
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