Kneehill County aids the Village of Carbon in Flood Recovery

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At the Special Council Meeting held Thursday, May 3, 2018, Kneehill County Council moved to aid the Village of Carbon in their Flood Recovery and Mitigation, providing $200,000.00 from the Contingency Fund Reserves to assist in repairs and reclamation.

While Kneehill County regularly experiences some measure of flooding from spring run-off every year, 2018’s Overland Flooding event was unprecedented. Late spring snow, combined with frozen ground and rapid snow melt, led to both the Three Hills and Kneehills Creek overflowing their banks, causing widespread damage and prompting numerous road closures. The effects of the flooding proved especially disastrous to the Village of Carbon’s east end.

A main source of Village revenue, at one point Carbon’s East Campground was completely under water. The
campsites have been washed out and the area is now covered in a thick layer of silt and debris. The Village’s Ball Diamonds, the swinging pedestrian bridge and the walking paths along the creek have also been destroyed by the flood waters.

While clean-up in Carbon has begun, the total damage and cost of repairs are extensive. As recreation is vital to the Village’s economy, Kneehill County Council is ready to respond and assist in Carbon’s Flood Recovery.