Village of Carbon Mayor resigns

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The Village of Carbon is not having a good start to 2018. The fire department was shut down for a couple of days, its Fire Chief called into question, a newly hired Administrator resigned and spring brought severe flooding.

The election results of October 2017 didn’t last the first six months of a four year term before one councillor quit and now the Mayor has resigned.

This creates a situation in which one by-election hasn’t even come to fruition and now a second by-election has been called. Municipal Affairs has confirmed that the two by-elections must be held separately.

The by-election nomination day was May 8, 2018 resulting in two names: Michelle Lomond and Thomas Laffin. Their election day has been called for June 5 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Village Office. This election is to fill the position left vacant by the resignation of Keith Bramley. Another by-election to fill the position left vacant by Mayor Guss Nash has been called for August 9, 2018 with nomination day on July 12. Mr. Nash regrets having to place the Village through the expense of another by-election saying, “I had a lot of positive outcomes over the 19-1/2 years and enjoyed serving the community.” Highlights include development of the lots on the island, selling a number of lots and watching Carbon grow and prosper. “It was a very positive move to have highway 836 re-aligned through Carbon with a bridge.” Eventually Guss, and the Council of the day was able to get the road ban removed on that highway allowing for commerce to travel in and around the Village. “I do not want to continue with any negativity. I was unhappy spending time and efforts in an environment of too much negativity and so I felt I had to resign. I just wasn’t satisfied. I was however, very grateful to the County for monetary assistance for flood mitigation. Over the past years I appreciated having such a strong and wonderful working relationship with the County based on respect. It is a relationship that has to be developed and maintained.”

Coming out of Monday evening’s Council meeting, the new Mayor will be Bryan Peever and Kelly Garrett was selected for position of Deputy Mayor. An announcement for the position of CAO is expected soon.