Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach Resigns



Shocking news came around noon Tuesday, January 25, that Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach is resigning.
"Upon much reflection and consultation with family, close friends, I have determined that after 25 years of public service, I am not prepared to serve another full term as Premier," said Stelmach at a press conference in Edmonton.
The decision means he will not be running as a candidate in the next general election, which now must be held before March 2013. It is up to the next leader if the election will be held before that.
Less than 3 years since winning 72 seats out of a possible 83, the Progressive-Conservative leader is stepping down. It is possible he will stay in power until the next election, essentially making him a "lame duck Premier."
CTV Alberta's Bureau Chief Janet Dirks says Stelmach has been facing pressure over his leadership from the other progressive party, the Wildrose Alliance Party. " There has been muttering that Stelmach didn't have the necessary charisma to do the job," says Dirks. People have compared "Steady Eddy" to past Premier Ralph Klein who was so famously charismatic.
A political scientist from the University of Calgary, Doreen Barrie, sees possible contenders for the position of leadership as Ted Morton, or Justice Minister Alison Redford.