Repairs scheduled for this construction season

Road Erosion

Erosion under a section of road, located on Highway 27 East, between Range Roads 21 and 22 has compromised the stability of the road, impacting the guardrail and shoulder, leaving about four guard rail posts out of the ground. Alberta Transportation (A.T.) is very much aware of a partial failure. “We continue to monitor the driving surface to ensure driver safety,” said Wayne Wood, Communications Advisor for Alberta Transportation.

A concerned resident, Connor Ware took the above picture, showing how the instability of the ground has been getting worse over the course of about three years.

“The pavement has fallen away nearly to the white line. The ground has slid out much further from under the road, roughly a foot,” said Mr. Wood, of A.T., “The driving surface has not been impacted by the failure. Repairs will be tendered soon and we expect work to be completed late in the construction season.”